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[rohrpost] World Subjectrights Day

[Kaum spricht man von Steve Mann, meldet er sich selber,
und zwar auf politech. Dort schlaegt er fuer 24. Dezember
einen World Subjectrights Day vor. Also schoen Kalender

1) An International Day of Action Against Video Surveillance
7. September 2001

2) World Subjectrights Day
24. Dezember 2001

Es folgt der Text aus politech]


Subject: Re: FC: Florida protestors mock face recognition cameras by donning
From: Steve Mann <>
Date: 	Tue, 17 Jul 2001 03:25:05 -0400 (EDT)

 > Floridians Mock Cop Cams
 > Jul. 16, 2001 10:45 ET
 > Masked protesters fight face scans
 > Jul. 15, 2001 05:42 ET
 > Police cameras worrying watchdogs
 > Jul. 15, 2001 05:19 ET

(feel free to post to politech)

The best solution is for us to stop the face scan problem at its source,
by licensing our physical likenesses only for certain uses.

We as humans, ought to at least be as valuable as pieces of paper,
books, or computer disks, for which the Humanistic Property License
that anyone can take to the Department of Motor Vehicles office,
sets forth the Terms and Conditions under which they can use you.


Subject: ReShootingBack at face recognition cameras
From: Steve Mann <>
Date: 	Tue, 17 Jul 2001 03:21:41 -0400 (EDT)

 > Masked protesters fight face scans
 > Jul. 15, 2001 05:42 ET
 > Police cameras worrying watchdogs
 > Jul. 15, 2001 05:19 ET

feel free to post to politech:

With all the discussion on face scanning cameras,
I thought members of your mailing list might like to participate in
(or at least be aware of) World Subjectrights Day:

                             WORLD SUBJECTRIGHTS DAY

                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Destruction of privacy and dignity by unaccountable organizations to become a
target of ordinary citizens.

    An international coalition that includes artists, scientists,
    engineers, scholars, and others is declaring December 24, to be "World
    [1]Subjectrights Day".

                         THE SHOT SEEN AROUND THE WORLD:

    At noon on Monday, December 24, 2001, ordinary people all over the
    world will call into question the growing and dehumanizing effects of
    increased video surveillance, automated face recognition, and
    Covernment (Corporate+Government) tracking in public places, as well
    as private places.

    Typically Covernment officials that use video surveillance try to
    prohibit others from taking pictures or video within their
    establishments or regimes, but on this day, many people will
    photograph these officials, their establishments, and their security

    As high noon sweeps past various time zones, the shot heard around the
    world will be that of clicking cameras.

    Rather than protesting by carrying signs, or by marching, citizens
    will protest by going on shooting sprees. Armed with their own
    photographic or videographic cameras and recording devices, and
    shielded with masks or disguises, ordinary citizens will dish out some
    accountability while remaining anonymous to the massive proliferation
    of face tracking surveillance.

                             HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE?

    All you need to do is bring a disguise and a camera --- any camera
    (even a fake or [2]maybe camera, a broken camera, or one with an empty
    film magazine) --- to a place where video surveillance is used.

                       HOW WILL I KNOW WHO I SHOULD SHOOT?

    Taking pictures of the surveillance cameras, or even just wearing a
    disguise, will cause models to appear very quickly for you to
    photograph. When you point your camera at their cameras, the officials
    watching their television monitors will very quickly dispatch the
    models for you to shoot. This is a universal phenomenon that happens
    in nearly any large organization where video surveillance is used.
    Models often carry two--way radios and wear navy blue uniforms with
    special badges. Most will be eager to pose close to your camera,
    especially the hand models:
    [3][v0011.jpg] [v0015.jpg]
    (director of security at Westin Hotels)
    They will reach out to you. They want to get close to you. They will
    crave the glamour of your camera. They will reach out and touch you,
    or place their hands over your camera lens so you can get a closup
    picture of their photogenic hands.

    Why December 24th?

    What better way to interrupt the orgy of commerce that serves as the
    endcap of each year, than to have a shooting spree.

    December 24th was selected because there is a lot of consumerist
    activity and last minute shopping, panic, confusion, and the like, on
    this day, so that the streets will be crowded with a cacophony of

    It costs more to police this day, and because it is close to holiday
    season there are less officers available on this day. Moreover, phone
    lines are very clogged, and communication is conjested.

    It is also a day when police are very busy watching for shoplifters.

    It is a time also when folks are reflecting on the year's activity and
    World Subjectright Day will be something for people to think about
    over the holidays.




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