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[rohrpost] An International Day of Action Against Video Surveillance

[lief zwar schon ueber nettime, scheint mir aber auch
hierzulande von belang, zumal sich die gruppe aktuelle
kamera <> am
aktionstag beteiligt.
ueber steve manns klassiker "shooting back" hat anne
forstmeyer die seminararbeit "Der Cyborg Steve Mann:
"Shooting Back" und Humanistische Intelligenz" geschrieben:
<> ]

An International Day of Action Against Video Surveillance
7 September 2001

We propose --

1. that an international day of action against video surveillance --
specifically: the constant, indiscriminate and technologically
sophisticated video surveillance of public places by both businesses and
and law enforcement agencies -- take place on Friday, 7 September 2001;

2. that people who wish to intensify the struggle to protect and
strengthen the right to privacy (a fundamental human right) should
undertake autonomous actions at the local level and in a completely
de-centralized fashion;

3. that, if and when possible, at least some of these actions should be
undertaken in front of webcams that have already been installed in public
places by private companies that are insensitive or even hostile to
privacy concerns (in addition to disrupting "business as usual" for these
companies, the use of webcams will allow the entire world to see 7s01
anti-videosurveillance actions as they take place);

4. that all individuals and groups participating in the 7s01 day of action
keep in touch with at least one of the groups listed below and/or each

5. that at least one Web site links to or actually displays images from
these actions as they take place; 6. that this proposal should be posted
on-line and sent to as many people as possible and as soon as possible;

7. that this proposal be translated into as many foreign languages as
possible, but especially French, German, and Italian, for it is in France,
Belgium, Germany and Italy that the anti-videosurveillance struggle is the
most visible at the moment.

Participating groups as of 12 July 2001, in alphabetical order:
Aktuelle Kamera Bremen, Germany
Pirate TV London, England
Surveillance Camera Players Lithuania
Surveillance Camera Players New York, USA
The Praxis Group Minneapolis, USA

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