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Fwd: [rohrpost] Open Source Novel by Douglas Rushkoff


hier der Link zu meiner just erschienenen Diskussion dieses Projekts




>From: Reinhold Grether <>
>Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 21:48:24 +0200
>["Douglas Rushkoff is writing an open source novel that
>readers are encouraged to leave footnotes on. These
>footnotes can contain comments, suggestions or discussion
>about other footnotes."
>MetaFilter <>]
>Exit Strategy
>by Douglas Rushkoff
>"Exit Strategy is an open source novel. The story I wrote
>is merely the starting place for what I hope will be a
>lively interaction between all of us. The premise is that
>the central manuscript was written in the very near
>future, then hidden online and discovered 200 years
>later. Because society has changed so much, an
>anthropologist has annotated the text for his
>23rd-century contemporaries. They are no longer familiar
>with notions such as venture capital or advertising, much
>less Microsoft or Nasdaq. The 23rd-century reader even
>needs a footnote explaining what condoms were used
>These footnotes are a way for us to conceptualize a
>future that has moved beyond our current obsessions.
>Instead of describing that future explicitly, though, we
>will suggest what it will be like by showing what facts
>and ideas future readers won't understand. I've written a
>hundred-odd footnotes to get us started re-imagining the
>present from the perspective of the future. It's up to you
>to fill in the rest.
>Remember, these footnotes don't have to be accurate.
>They only have to show what anthropologists and other
>experts from the future think are accurate explanations
>of our society. And these experts needn't necessarily
>agree with one another."
>You are free to create a footnote for any concept in the
>book, including the footnotes themselves (and the
>footnotes to the footnotes and so on). For each chapter
>there will also be a discussion board, where we can
>review just what sort of world we are creating together.
>A new chapter will be posted here each week, and in
>September you'll be able download the full e-book or
>order a printed edition through iPublish. Early next year,
>I'll be releasing an Open Source version of the book,
>which will include 100 reader-written footnotes—the ones
>that have created the most conversation, or become
>regarded as classics by the community. The authors of
>those footnotes will receive free signed copies of the
>book, and be invited to a book party in New York.
>So, with this, I open the continuing authorship of our
>collective Exit Strategy to you."
>Exit Strategy
>by Douglas Rushkoff

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