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[rohrpost] [www.tracert.to]: MIT Development Workshop: Needs Student Volunteers (July 20-22)

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Come help out with the 'development by design' workshop at MIT. You will
have a chance to attend panel sessions and meet innovators from around the

MIT is hosting the first workshop on "Collaborative Open Source Design of
Appropriate Technologies", organized by grad students here. It
will be held at the MIT Media Lab on Sunday July 22, with informal
activities around campus on 21st & 23rd.


We are looking for a small number of motivated student volunteers to help
out with a variety of workshop-related tasks between July 20th and 23rd.
We hope that this will be a great way to get students in the
Boston/Cambridge area involved in the workshop without their having to
submit formal papers.

List of tasks and people coordinating them:

* Exhibits and Poster Displays: Michelle Hlubinka <hlubinka@media.mit.edu>

* Workshop Participants Package: Wendy Plesniak <wjp@media.mit.edu>

* Housing and Transportation Needs: Barbara Mack <barbaram@media.mit.edu>

* BBQ and Social Events: Joost Bonsen <jpbonsen@mit.edu>

* Food Catering & Setup: Claudia Abonia <abonia7@yahoo.com>

* Registration and Help: Amy Smith <mmadinot@mit.edu>

* AV needs during Workshop: Nitin Sawhney <nitin@media.mit.edu>

* Transcribers for Workshop Sessions: Murray Height <mjheight@mit.edu>

* Computer Terminals setup for Participants: Yael Maguire

* Boston/Cambridge/MIT Walking Tours: Rich Fletcher

If you are interested, please contact these individuals for details or
email us if you would like to volunteer in general.

Thank you.

Lead Workshop Organizers

Nitin Sawhney, Barbara Mack, Ben Vigoda and Wendy Plesniak
Contact: <dyd@media.mit.edu>
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