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[rohrpost] Audiohyperspace July 2001

July's new edition of AudioHyperspace

Audiohyperspace invites its users to play during the second half of the year 2001. "Play" will be its central topic for the next six months. Due to the possibilities of participation and interactivity, art in the digital networks tends to dissolve into communication and play. The German term "Hoerspiel"(radioplay or audioplay), once defined by the Austrian soundpoet Ernst Jandl as a double imperative (Listen!Play!), could by this, literally speaking, find its own substance within New Media.

This month's audio selection presents:

Shu Lea Cheang's "Baby Play"

AudioHyperspace provides you with links to
- acoustic interactivity and audio web art
- experimental radio on demand
- audio archives
- radio stations live online
- background info

The edition is updated every month.

AudioHyperspace is a website that selects, presents and reviews network/web based audio and audio art. It is part of the radio art online program of Southwestgerman Radio's cultural channel SWR2.
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