Station Rose on 9 Jul 2001 13:02:14 -0000

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[rohrpost] Station Rose - 10 years ONLINE + Webcast 144

1) Station Rose online since 10 years: read about it in
2) Telepolis: "Natives, Settlers and Missionaries"
3) Webcast 144: Wed/11/7/01, 9pm CET


                 |     1991-2001



read about it in
2) TELEPOLIS: "Natives, Settlers and Missionaries"
by  David Hudson   06.07.2001
Station Rose celebrate 10 years online
Eingeborene, Siedler und Missionare
Station Rose feiern zehnjaehriges Online-Jubilaeum

3) next  Live Webcast 144 : WED/11/7/01, 9pm CET
at <>

STReaming a live jam session once more to your harddrives.
topic:  special audio-visual birthday session
content: 10 years online -und das ist gut so.
feelings observed: exciting.
advice 01: great in that little STReaming window. but if you blow it up
full screen, it looks even bigger.
advice 02: jump in live, be there in time, its getting crowded.

stay with us & donīt go away!

      "Cyberspace is Our Land!"
             station rose   07-2001

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