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[rohrpost] Call for submissions

Call for submissions
*Deadline 30 September 2001*

Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art

is happy to launch its second online project, entitled:
**Art as software - software as art - software for art**

This call is adressed to artists and software developers
who use the environment of software as an artistic expression,
who develop software applications for artistic purpose.

The works to be submitted may not date from earlier than 1995.
There are no limitations concerning the used developing technology or

Terms for work/software:
*size: not larger than 5Mb,
*fully functional
*installer and uninstaller integrated
*available for free download and free use
(at least for a limited -evaluation- periode),
*Language: mandatory English
but additional languages are welcome.
*Platform: PC

Each artist/developer(s) may submit up to three (3) works/software
of course also software developing companies are welcome to submit
applications as long as all participating developer(s) are listed

The project is intending to spotlight creative working on the technological
area between 1995 and 2001.

A selection of the best submissions will be published as
online-exhibition at the end of the year 2001. The exhibition will remain as
art resource for permanent on JavaMuseum Server.

*Participating is free of charge*
**Deadline 30 September 2001**

Please fill out this form and send
your submission to

Submission Form
All details are mandatory:

first/last name(s) of artist/developer/company/collective:

Art work/software:
used developing environment:
Size Kb/Mb:
Year of origin:
additional languages:
Work URL:
Download site (URL)

Work/project description (English - not more than 300 words):
Screen shots 3 different states (.jpg PC)
portrait photo of the artist/developer(s)
Please send the images as single files, not zipped.

Send this form together with description and images to


Please do not send the work/software application attached as an executable
or zipped !!

For contacting JavaMuseum
send an email to

Best regrds,

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Editor in Chief
JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(JAVA=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

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