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[rohrpost] Schedule for the Warhol Hijack
Reinhold Grether on 26 Jan 2001 21:14:37 -0000

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[rohrpost] Schedule for the Warhol Hijack

The Warhol Hijack
New York net artists hijack webcam voyeur site

When: 	Friday January 26th - Sunday January 28th 2001
Schedule: http://www.treasurecrumbs.com/verbal/wlip
Where:	 http://www.weliveinpublic.com

   Schedule for the Warhol Hijack.
   (all New York times)

    Friday        1:00 PM            Entering the loft
    01 /26/ 01
                  4:00 PM -5:30 PM   Toilet Confessionals w/ GH

                  4:30 PM            Sampling "Empire of the Senseless" w/
                                     Diane Ludin and crew

                  7:00 PM            Indian Food /w Jennifer McCoy

                  8:00 PM            An Art History Lesson w/ T. Whid

                  9:00 PM -9:20 PM   An Art History lesson rebuttal w/ M.

                  10:00 PM           "Who Gets the Bed" trivia game w/ Yael

    Saturday      9:45 AM - 11:00 AM  Body sclupture w/ Yael Kanarek
    01 /27/ 01
                  11:00 AM            Crepes!

                  12:30-2:00          The net.artist in the 21st Century

                  4:00 PM - 5:00 PM   Toilet Confessionals w/ GH

                  5:00 PM             Sampling "Empire of the Senseless" w/
                                      Diane Ludin and crew

                  8:00 PM             Pizza from Lombardi's

                  9:45 PM             Limited Edition of "Soy-Love"

                  10:00 PM            Cybersex w/ Tina LaPorta

                  11:45 PM            CN-ZERO Lecture - Initial Mix v1.0 w/
                                      Cary Peppermint

    Sunday        2:00 AM - 3:00 AM   Bedtime story w/ Yael Kanarek
    01 /28/ 01
                  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM  Toilet Confessionals w/ GH

                  1:30 PM - 2:30 PM   Brunch w/ The Upgrade! participants

                  3:00 PM             The Upgrade! w/ Tina LaPorta
                                      presenting her online work

                  5:30 PM             Cleaning up

Ambient ongoing performances:

   72 Hour Over-exposures: Cary Peppermint will place himself in what he
   considers an "over-exposed" space where art is discouraged by spectacle or
   hyper-visualization of capital. He may thereafter employ a series of
   narcissistic and self-serving pleasure tests with hopes of generating
   relevant data for his ongoing theories regarding the possibility of
   contemporary art as dependent upon the restlessness of the "intermittent

   Studio-Time: a 72 hour continuous art-making performance, immersed in an
   environment with her peers, Tina LaPorta will work on her new project while
   engaging in real-time dialog with the other artists about net.art,
   post-feminism, temporary autonomous zones, voyeurism and connectivity.

   MTAA: Physical avatars of (MTAA) M.River & T.Whid will be in evidence on
   camera from time to time. Their actions may or may not seem rational
   depending on one's point of view.

   POSTING OF AMBIENT PERFORMANCEduration matrix: 72 small gestures for the
   global gaze in 72 hours by rdom: possible gestures: sit still and get
   stoned...make small talk...read from stuff...do my email...watch strippers
   fall asleep during story time...eat jennifers left overs...wear my mask
   just for the fun of it when the cops come....try to catch people looking
   out the windows....bring some Hong Kong flicks.....pretend to do something
   and then get angry at an object...chat with the dead and the
   over_exposed...apply for a job with low pay...try not to look at the
   cameras...try to give the wrong answer to most questions...hold
   hands...whisper things to id_runners... bounce back and forth between them
   till i get really tired and start to complain about the entire
   effort...and make my get away.....

   Red Light/Green Light: A Laptop connected to the phone line will auto-dial
   a series of telephone numbers. It will be telephoning voice mail machines.
   The phone numbers will be those of the artists in the Hijack along with
   other voice mail such as the weather, MoMA, etc. This is a way introduce
   everyone and establish a context. When the telephone is operating the
   surveillance cameras freeze. This may cause some interesting random
   selection of video stills.

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