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Krystian Woznicki on 29 Jul 2000 15:48:03 -0000

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[rohrpost] Fwd: lacanian ink

>  lacanian ink on-line
>  The current issue lacanian ink 16, Body Politic, features Jacques-Alain 
> Miller on The Experience of the Real, Alain Badiou
>  on The Concept of Democracy, Slavoj Zizek discussing The Desert of the 
> Real, David Ebony's Orozco/Badiou, Caroline
>  The Giver Giveth, and poetry by Raphael Rubinstein.
>  To view the current issue please click below:
>  http://www.e-flux.com/special.php3?link=www.lacan.com&name=lacanian+ink
>  The forthcoming issue lacanian ink 17 (Fall 2000),  Esthetics, will 
> include, Jacques-Alain Miller's seminar onThe Paradigms
>  of Jouissance, Alain Badiou's stance on Art and Philosophy, Slavoj Zizek 
> traces subliminal passion in the fantasme of opera
>  in Run, Isolde, Run, plus Gerard Wajcman's The Object of Art, Thomas 
> Svolos onThe Great Divide, David Ebony's
>  Tunga/Terry Eagleton, Cathy Lebowitz interviews Josefina Ayerza on the 
> art of Ghada Amer.
>  Lacanian ink is a biannual publication which continues a tradition of 
> psychoanalytic thought developed by Jacques Lacan
>  through his written word, discourses and utterance.  Each issue provides 
> an elucidation of his ideas and elaboration upon his
>  reflections from various fields of inquiry within a contemporaneous 
> context. To comprehend the published work, though,
>  does not necessitate a thorough understanding of Lacan's ideas; lacanian 
> ink is an act of discovery, both for the reader and
>  the contributors.  Exploring novels, film, poetry, television, the 
> visual arts, philosophical and psychoanalytical texts... the
>  things through which you, as subject, perceive, the writers and artists 
> that contribute to lacanian ink provide a critical
>  analysis of it.  It is the intention of lacanian ink to expose the 
> reader to current ideas and perspectives, while fostering a
>  critical terminology through which to evaluate them.
>  lacanian ink
>  133 Wooster St.
>  New York, NY  10012
>  (212) 253-1002, fax (212) 505-1507
>  email:  perfume {AT} lacan.com
>  http://www.lacan.com
>  http://www.lacan.com/covers.htm
>   http://www.e-flux.com
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