Christoph Weber on Mon, 17 Apr 2000 16:35:27 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] (wien) presents: gameboy pocketnoise live


Das Wiener Label praesentiert:

lo-ser / gameboy pocketnoise live

Do/20/04/00 23:00 Ilses Erika, Leipzig
danach DJ Francis

Auf Euer Kommen freuen sich Christoph, Christoph, Martin und Francis

Naehere Informationen aus dem Katalog der Ausstellung LOUNGE /Krakau:


Gameboy pocketnoise is an experimental audio generating software especially
written for and burnt into a Nintendo Gameboy cartridge. This way the
number one educational device of the young consumer generation is turned
into a highly controversial sound source. Searching for mobility, Christoph
Kummerer - prime time independent media manufacturer - sees the main
advantage of his new device as the portability which made the Gameboy "the
ideal candidate". In Version 0.0b, the interface of pocketnoise is
"absolutely non-intuitive" which adds to the appeal and reduces the
Truthful to his own slogan "why settle for more", Kummerer has built a
unique 4Bit sampler which is mainly driven by a genuine mixture of intended
lo-fi sound and unintended software bugs which make each performance a
challenging experience for the artist and the audience. "This buggy piece
of code will never leave the alpha stage. Meaning, the user is kept in a
mental stage of feeling lost, like a confused lab rat, and, in a later
stage, eventually enjoying a universe of buzzing noises."

Gameboy pocketvideo is the recent expansion of pocketnoise. In order to use
the Gameboy Camera to produce videomaterial, Christoph Weber built a device
to transfer the aesthetics of the gameboy screen to a video camera. As the
Gameboy Camera supports only black and white, the screen of the Color
Gameboy produces a lo-fi and lo-color frame. Weber focusses in these very
first results on a mixture of wellknown images, tv fragments and daily
situations, refering to the world of games and children.

Christoph Weber, Christoph Kummerer"


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