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nettime-nl: afrikaanse films in rialto-amsterdam

From: mariet bakker <>

in the month november there will be a program with african films in the
rialto theatre, ceintuurbaan 338 in amsterdam, tel: 6753994. every tuesday
night at ten o'clock you will be able to see a varied program. just to get
you a taste of the african cinema.

tuesday november 2
introduction by the films of djibril diop mambety by mariŽt bakker
screening of 'le franc' (1994) and 'la petite vendeuse du soleil' (1999)
the two last films of the late dribril diop mambety. part of the unfinished
triology 'les histoires des petites gens'.

tuesday november 9
introduction of the cinema of abderhamane sissako by roderic leigh
screening of 'la projection' and 'la vie sur terre'

tuesday november 16
screening of 'clando' a political thriller of the cameronese filmmaker jean
marie teno, made in 1996.

tuesday november 23
screening of the ultimate african cult movie 'touki bouki', djibril diop
mambety's first feature film made in 1973.

tuesday november 30
screening of 'hyenas' mambety's adaptation of 'das besuch der alte dame',
his second feature, made in 1992.

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