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nettime-nl: TNI TAZ invitation (English)


dear Comrades,

celebrating the 25th birthday of TNI (TransNational Institute) , we organize
a TransNational Festival in Amsterdam NL from November 11 till 13th.
"At The Edge, Prospects for a 21st Century Internationalism."
It will be the first big scale coming-out of TNI, the well-respected
institute that bravely struggles for a better world(government).
There will be exclusive lectures and briljant debates on world peace and
war-economy in all its appearances (NATO, nukes, WTO, etc.) paralleled by
some cultural extravaganzas (program details will follow later: ).

More informal and off-stage  will be a TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUS ZONE
in the small blue space. Here a variety of concrete projects, actions,
campaigns, initiatives, etc. will be presented live to the vistors and to
eachother. Each project will have 10 to 15 minutes to freely flow
information. It only has to be live, possibly supported by slides, audio,
video or website.  We envisage a surprising gallery of solidarity, as stream
of consciousness, a cakewalk of campaigns. Between 8 and 11 pm both Thursday
and Friday evenings.

Groups from abroad are invited to participate virtually (weblinks,
powerpoints, a video). Suggestions are welcome. They will be mixed with the
live program.
This is a first round of invitations to some tens of groups, networks and
fringe media active in global solidarity, peace activism, no nukes, economy,
migration, gays, etc.).

We hope to hear soon
if you’re interested,
if you prefer Tursay or Friday
what technical requests you may have
and what other prjects you suggest!

I will try to coordinate things a bit.


Jo van der Spek
tel. 020-6718027

tel. 66126608
(especially for web-based presenatations)

Jo van der Spek
journalist  and
coordinator of RIKS
Reconstructing via Internet Kosov@ Society

tel +31.20.6718027 mob. 06.51039318
H.Seghersstraat 46 1072 LZ Amsterdam
Jo van der Spek is a free lance journalist and
programmer of public debates on matters political and cultural
both in the national and international domain

mos ban luft, ban dashuri

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