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nettime-nl: Professorship in Electronic media/VR/Internet

Merz Akademie looks for:
Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Visual Communication

Professorship in Electronic media/VR   (to begin 15th March 1999)

We are looking for an internationally-recognized person with sound
knowledge of the social and cultural effects of new media and of the
Internet combined with extensive practical and design skills.  These
include the design and realisation of projects in virtual spaces and on the
Internet, the conception and design of interactivity and web design.  A
commitment to research and raising funds from third parties is also

Applicants should meet the requirements of ß 46 of the Technical College
regulations of Baden-Württemberg/Germany.  A completed college course in a
relevant specialist field and several years professional experience are
therefore desirable.

Please submit your application within 3 weeks of this advertisement
appearing to:

Merz Akademie
Hochschule für Gestaltung Stuttgart
Staatlich anerkannte Fachhochschule
Attn: Sabine Schröder
Teckstrasse 58, 70190 Stuttgart, Germany
Telephone: +49 711 2 68 66 0
Fax: +49 711 2 68 66 21

George Legrady

Professor of Digital Media
Merz Akademie
Teck Str 58
Stuttgart, Germany, D-70190
tel.  00-49-711-268-66-34
fax. 00-49-711-268-66-21

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