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nettime-nl: Opschieten! Hybrid Media Lounge nu invullen...

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Dit is ook voor Nederlandse organisaties en groepen...
Geef het door aan je bevriende organisaties in het buitenland
Lancering van de database en cd-rom: 11 maart 1999 
Deadline: 31 januari 1999

Subject: Hybrid Medialounge Database

We invite your organization into the Hybrid Media Lounge, an interactive
web database and spinoff CD-Rom whose purpose is to graphically map,
facilitate and strengthen electronically-driven cultural networking in

The idea for the Lounge grew out of the Hybrid Workspace project at
Documenta X in Kassel, Germany, 1997. The group of institutions that
participated there serves as our beginning point in compiling the
database. Its purpose is to record the activities and alliances of
European organizations that (1) are involved in cultural production around
the intersection of art, culture and politics, (2) are linked to others in
online-based ways, and (3) have a stated motive other than profit.

We hope you will contribute information about your organization via the
online response form at The response area opens
Monday, December 21 and closes Sunday, January 31, so please visit it
soon! We also invite you to electronically send us a sample of your work
(you can find further details at the web response site). There is also
space on the response site for you to notify us of other groups,
organizations or networks that should be included on the list but aren't

We will post each organization's information on its own page in the
database. This page will contain contact information; information about
the projects, publications and events you tell us about; your
organization's explanation of its mission and philosophy; and names of
other organizations you tell us are in your network.

Using information provided by the organizations, we will attempt to map
the links and other relationships between them. We will also combine
everyone's data to see what trans-European patterns are revealed.

The database is being set up by the Society for Old and New Media in
Amsterdam. After its launch in March 1999, we plan to pass the management
of it on to another institution in the network (still be to chosen). That
institition will maintain, update and alter the database and pass it on to
someone else in turn. The Lounge will thus be an ongoing collaboration
that will periodically be saved in "freeze" form (i.e. the upcoming
CD-Rom) to provide a record of its development over time.

This database website and "freeze" CD-Rom will be presented at the Next
Five Minutes conference, March 12 through 14, 1999, in Amsterdam and
Rotterdam. The database will be freely accessible on the web and will not
be sold.
The CD-Rom will be distributed by participating organizations as well as
with the book "New Media Culture in Europe." Organizations will be able to
apply for stacks of CD-Roms for free distribution in places where web
access and bandwidth is more problematic.

For more information you can contact the database editors at

Best regards,

Laura Martz, Geert Lovink, Marleen Stikker
Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam


Hybrid Media Lounge

Editors: Laura Martz, Geert Lovink
Supervisor: Marleen Stikker
Design coordinator for website and CD-Rom: Mieke Gerritsen
Database coordinators: Bente van Bourgondien, Michael van Eeden
Producer: Philippe Taminiau
Designer: Janine Huizenga
Advisor: Thorsten Schilling

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