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nettime-nl: Y2K in hele wereld verwelkomd!

Y2K-ramp wereldwijd verwelkomd

Goh, dachten wij van Liberal Animation Prods. origineel te
zijn door een stukje te schrijven tegen het gezeur over het
millennium-probleem ('welkomstcomitee Y2K opgericht'), blijkt
er alweer een hele cyberkolonie mee bezig te zijn. 

En die hebben al een oerwoud aan websites en mailinglist
aangelegd. Doet er uw voordeel mee!

Zoals blijkt uit het emailbericht van Alan Lewis, die vrolijk
"opportunities" signaleert.
Hij verwijst naar een artikel van Paul Swann, dat inderdaad
zeer het lezen waard is. 


If you are interested, I've put up some useful general pages
on Y2K (the "millennium bug"):

... and, more important, one that deals specifically with the
opportunity that it presents for progressives, activists,
visionaries, and kindred spirits:

The upcoming millennial passage (the 1/1/2000 rollover and
associated events, circa now thru 2003 or so) will present
unique risks AND opportunities. I urge you to become aware and
knowledgeable, if you have not done so already. Start with the
URLs above.

One last suggestion: for a good introduction to Y2K and a
clear view of the context in which it occurs (an insanely
imbalanced system of things), see Paul Swann's new article
"Y2K in Context":


-- Alan Lewis

PS: a couple of pertinent quotes:

Economist and futurist Robert Theobald: "The Y2K bug provides
us with an extraordinary opportunity to ask ourselves the
profound questions which have been buried by our wealth and
our technology. It is a time for us to ask what we really
value and how we can preserve the ecological systems on which
all life depends."

Psychologist and management consultant Doug Carmichael: "[Y2K
presents] opportunities to radically rethink technology, the
place of money, the opportunities for community, art,
relationships ... [it can forward] positive images of a new
community/individual focused future. No longer so much
abstract market and consumption, but the graceful use of
technology and education to meet human needs and leave people
in the foreground, not marginalized as the current
technology/market/career mix has supported."


Bob Olsen vulde aan:

Also, I am on two Y2K email lists
You may want to join.

Alan's Y2K Pages
Alan's Y2K Pages -- Home Page (quotations & links):

For Y2K Newbies -- Introductions to Y2K:

Complexity and Whole Systems (new!) -- The Big Picture:

Programmers and Programming (new!) -- Pity the Programmers:

Denial and Active Ignorance (new!) -- All in the Mind:

Y2K Resources & News -- Study-Up and Stay Current!

Media Milestones -- Mainstream Media Gets A Clue

TEOTWAWKI -- The End Of The World As We Know It?

Gary North, Dr Doom -- Thriving on Catastrophe:

Core Infrastructure -- Electric Power, Fuel, Water, Food:

The NERC Report (new!) -- Will the Grid Stay Up?

Embedded Systems (new!) -- They're Everywhere! 

Y2K: Gift/Opportunity (new!) -- Transformative Potential:

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