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nettime-nl: program for Europartrain in the NL


the europartrain

Hans Kalliwoda
creative director and producer

”De Blinde Schilders”

P.Box 1136
1000 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

phone: + 31 - (0)20 419 49 49
fax: + 31 - (0)20 419 10 90
mobile: +31 - (0)6 55 35 63 43
E-mail:  kaliwoda@euronet.nl
website: www.blindpainters.org.

to	artists, curators and otherwise involved people

from	Stichting De Blinde Schilders

re	program for Europartrain in the NL

date	11.10.1998

Dear artists, curators and otherwise involved people

Here comes the program.
We did, and are still facing a lot of difficult problems on all
different levels. 
At the moment the biggest problem is the fact, that the ministry of
foreign affairs was announcing last week, that no visa can be issued
anymore to people from Serbia. . .

Never the less, the show must go on and the following planning has been
Arrival of artists Sunday, 18th October
please confirm time of arrival
we will try to get you from airport or train station
check in at Hotel Danny Yeung in Enkhuizen (close to Hoorn)

Monday 19th October
It was planned by the Yugoslavia embassy to sponsor a artist welcome
At the moment we don’t know what will happen with this

Tuesday 20th October
presentation by the artists of their previous work
bring slides, video documentation material to explain who you are
everybody will get about 20 minutes for this presentation
We need as well a good CV from everybody for the catalogue. If you got
it digitally on a floppy, it would save some work for us. We work with
apple computers. The other solutions is to save it in words for PC. We
are able to transfer it.

Wednesday 21st October
We will travel through the Netherlands by train to visit the places
where the train will be on exhibition later on. Meetings with city
councils, co-organisers will take place.

Thursday 22nd October 
Start working in the train

if you need special tools / equipment, please bring them.
We will be able to arrange the most tools, materials and equipment here.
If you have special requests, they are principally welcome. 
We are working together with an Amsterdam Radio station (Radio 100)
they will supply us with a sending station for the period in the train.
It can be used every other day for live broadcasting on the air by you. 
You can do sound sculptures etc.
any special request, please let us know by fax or e-mail as soon as

Friday 23rd October
not just a normal working day, but live belly dancing in the hungarian
wagon to loosen up the atmosphere even more 

Saturday 24th October till Sunday 1st November
working in the wagons

Monday 2nd November 
rest day

Tuesday 3rd November
in the evening there is a party organised at the Winston Art hotel in
the Redlight district in Amsterdam. We got as well from this Hotel for
everybody rooms sponsored for one night.

Wednesday  4th November
Opening celebration in Hoorn

Thursday 5th November
We would like to keep you here for longer but we can’t afford it, if you
got your own means, you are welcome..

We started a publicity campagne 4 weeks ago and got mega responds.
There are already a a handful published articles. A lot of TV, Magazine
and Newspaper journalists will show up at the working period on the
train, to get the vibes and report about it. 

Other places where the train will be on show in the NL.
Amsterdam 	Friday 13th Nov. till 25th Nov.
Delfzijl  	Friday 27th November till 7th December 
Maastricht 	no dates established at present 
Eindhoven 	still in progress
for all stages, individual programs are in construction.
Printed matter will be Invitation cards for every city, posters;
Newspaper (soft cover, Brochure formate, 12 pages, available 3rd Nov.);
catalogue (hard cover, available 12.Nov., 96 pages).

There will be a podium discussion in the oldest artists society building
in Amsterdam(established the early 19th century)
14th November.  13.30 hours
Location: Arti et Amicitiae, Artist Society Amsterdam, Rokin, NL

	The European Territory - a fundament for culture?

To continue the Europartrain after The NL on an international level, we
are currently busy with Denmark,  Norway, Germany, Switzerland and some
East European countries like Poland, Czech Republic,  etc.

Please Margarita, Danica, Barnabás, Wolfgang and Jesper
we would like to get  from you a half a page story in English of how you
see the train, to published in the catalogue.

We are looking forward to receive a whole lot of creative spirits with
their heads full of solutions.

De Blinde Schilders

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