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nettime-nl: Bionic Technology

pressrelease by the Office of Scientific Investigation

Dear reader,

We live in an age which science progresses at the speed of light. Things we
thought impossible a few years back, are accomplished facts today.
What a shame it is that because  of these tumultuous developments some
projects tend to pass into oblivion!

One of these projects  especially we want to talk to you about:


This is a technology that offers endless opportunities. It was the centre
of interest at the end of the 70's because of one man:

COLONEL STEVE AUSTIN, otherwise known as "The six million dollar man".

A serious crash with his space capsule ended his career as an astronaut and
almost took his life. Fortunately he was saved  by bionic parts: one eye,
one arm and two bionic legs. By his heroic  actions against organized crime
he became very popular within a short time, but alas..........we haven't
heard of him for almost twenty years.

Dr. Steiner and Eng. Wang, two scientist well-known for their publications
in 'Readers Digest', Always kept on believing in bionic technology.To draw
the attention of the public to this line of science again, they tried to
locate  Steve Austin. When they found him he was old and embittered and
lived in a trailerpark somewhere in America.

The key-question now was: how to reach as many people as possible with as
little means as possible?

Right! Through POP-MUSIC.

OUT NOW: 'The new theme of the six million dollar man' by the OSI project

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