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From: Philipp Reinfeld <reintbca@calvados.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE>
Subject: berlintokyo@Amsterdam


galerie berlintokyo in Amsterdam
30.05.98 - 07.06.98

The "galerie berlintokyo", located in Berlin Mitte, the centre of Berlin
nightlife, opened 2 years ago, on may 10th, 1996. Since then we show
different exhibitions of young artists every other week. We combine them
with music performances of DJ's, bands and projects. Based on this
concept, we built up a huge pool of artists and musicians, which has made
the galerie berlintokyo one of the most interesting places for independent
culture in berlin. It's not only known here, but has become an example
for young experimental arts and has a reputation beyond the borders of
Germany as the example for Berlin underground culture. Berlintokyo has
been invited by Kunst Ruimte Kampen/Berlin to take part at the 98 "Niet
de Kunst Vlaai" from 30.05. - 07.06.98, at the Westergasfabriek..  We want
to use this opportunity to introduce our work to an interested art public.
At the "Niet de Kunst Vlaai" informations will given about the
participating artists and their work.

But we thought this might not be enough, because you can only get an idea
of what galerie berlintokyo is about if it really takes place.  That's why
we decided to search for a room to present an exhibition, which we found
in Vries Huis Amerika.  We asked some of our closest related artists, Nina
Rhode, Simone Gilges (HSC)  and Timm Ringelwaldt to think about concepts
for the Vries Huis.  They came up with an installation that fits the given
space. After that, we started to ask musicians from Berlin (or better to
say "from berlintokyo")  if they wanted to come with us, because without
music you don't have any parties. 

We got great reactions, over 60 people will come with us, to present
what=B4s happening in Berlin at the moment.

Coming with us:

Bands:	Minitchev	   The Narcotic                 Neoangin
        Art of Kissing	   Robotnics Crossing	        Serenata Rock
        Elektroservice     Doc Schoko                   Rechenzentrum
        Fever              Mina                         Britta
DJ`S    Andre Herzig       Stinky           		Jack Tennis
       	Maurice      	   Thomas Phalt         	Vredus
    	Julius Nerdinger   Franz Geil       		Disc Dubler


galerie berlintokyo in het Vrieshuis Amerika
Oostelijke Handelskade 25 Amsterdam
30.05. - 06.06.1998

<<Zoom in - save - and exit>>
Ninja Pleasure + Sim Gil + Timm Ringelwaldt
(honey-suckle company)

geopend vanaf 21 uur
tot het einde van de party


Sa 30.05. Opening and special live music with
Art of Kissing
Robotnics Crossing

DJs Andre Herzig + Maurice


Su 31.05. Ska DJ Julius Nerdinger
live music: Botswana MC + Britta


Tu 02.06.DJ Traveller


We. 03.06. RockīnīRoll, Surf, Trash, Hot Rod,
Live The Narcotics
Doc Schoko + DJ Stinky


Thu 04.06. live Neoangin
DJs Thomasphalt und Franz Geil


Fr. 05.06. live Mina
DJs Ran + Jack Tennis


Sa 06.06. SLUIT
All the stars together on stage
special appearance: Rechenzentrum

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

We also bring you additional clubnights in
The Winston Kingdom
Warmoestraat 127

31.05. live: Fever
DJs Andre Herzig + Maurice Rechenzentrum

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