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[Nettime-nl] Cinema Digitaal

Dearest reader,

I want to invite you for a special screening of a miracle of cinema
made in 1982 called:

The Miracle of Life
Lennart Nilsson

Each minute, all over the world, a baby is born. An everyday
occurrence, yet each birth is the culmination of one of nature’s
most complex, mysterious, and seemingly miraculous process.

A dramatic breakthrough in science and cinematography, The
Miracle of Life takes you on an incredible voyage through the
human body as a new life begins. World-renowned Swedish
photographer Lennart Nilsson presents a spectacular look at a
microscopic world of beautiful colors and forms deep inside
ouselves. See the egg as it is released by the ovary and follow the
sperm from its early development through ejaculation and then on
its perilous journey toward the egg. With magnification of up to half
a million times the actual size, you can see exactly what
happened at the moment of conception. After the sperm fertilizes
the egg, the camera follows the development of the single new cell
into an embryo, then a fetus, until finally a baby is born. Never
before has this extraordinary proces been filmed.

The program will continue with a portrait of filmmaker Lennart

Of course there will be the opportunity to talk and drink after the
show at Club Nu in the upper room.

Cinema Digitaal & Club Nu
Sunday, March 25th, 2001 at 21:00 hours
fl. 15,- incl. memberschip

I very much hope you’ll be able to attent this show.

Many kind regards, Kees Brienen.

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