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[Nettime-nl] Over PISA, een TNO privacy reseach projekt

(alweer .nl info in het engels)

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 15:41:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Wolff <>
Subject: Fwd: EU Project PISA: Privacy Incorporated Software Agent
To: Declan McCullagh <>

Please find information below on PISA, a project on developing privacy
enhancing technologies for agent-mediated electronic markets. This exciting
project combines research on intelligent agents, data mining, e-markets,
cryptography and privacy. For more information, do not mail me, but contact
the people at the end of this message, or Mr Marten den Uyl (
from Sentient.

Peter van der Putten
Sentient Machine Research

PISA consortium

The Hague, The Netherlands
22 January 2001

Fast and safe Internet work with PISA

With the aid of a subsidy from the European Commission and the
Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, the 3.2 million euro PISA
project (Privacy Incorporated Software Agent) started last week.
Within a period of three years an international consortium will build
an electronic intermediary that will be able to quickly and
independently process tasks given by the Internet user and at the same
time protect the user's privacy. Government bodies, the scientific and
applied research domains and business interests are cooperating
closely. Participants in the consortium are the FEL and TPD
institutes of TNO, the Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific
Research; Delft University of Technology; the Dutch Data Protection
Authority and Sentient Machine Research, all from the Netherlands. The
CIME Group (France), GlobalSign (Belgium), Italsoft (Italy) and
National Research Council (Canada) are the non-Dutch participants.

In future years electronic communication with business and government
is expected to become an important part of the everyday life of
citizens and consumers. As a result of too much information and
frequent congestion on the electronic highway 'intelligent software
agents' (ISA) are being built to replace search machines. Applications
are mainly being sought in using intelligent software agents as
personal digital assistants (electronic butlers). Beside the positive
aspects of ISA technology (e.g. independent processing of searches and
transactions) there also are significant threats to privacy due to the
large amount of vulnerable information and personal profiles which the
ISAs carry to be able to do their Internet work effectively. The
international PISA consortium will map these privacy threats. This
analysis will serve as a basis for the technical drawings
(architecture) of PISA and the development of a PISA test version that
will eliminate the privacy risks. Privacy Enhanced Technology (PET)
architecture for intelligent software agents will be available in
2002. The test version will be finished around 2004 and will then be
available on the Internet for everyone to test. As from today the
website ( provides all information on the
progress of the PISA project.

Note for editors
For questions on the PISA project please contact either
  ir J. Huizenga. TNO-FEL, tel. +31 70 347 03 08
or drs J.J. Borking  of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, tel.
+31 70 381 13 00

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Peter van der Putten (
Consultant Sentient Machine Research (
(tel) +31 20 6186927 (fax) +31 20 6124504
Academic personal homepage:
Sentient case applications:;;

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