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[Nettime-nl] New Davos Newspaper

Voor wie meer wil lezen over de Davos top:
Earth Times i.s.m. New York Times
(sorry wel even een engels mailtje dus)

>Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 11:23:12 -0500

>The World Economic Forum, in cooperation with the Earth Times
>Foundation, is launching a daily newspaper at the Forum's annual meeting
>in Davos, Switzerland (January 25-30, 2001). The newspaper, Forum News
>Daily, will be the newspaper of record of the Davos summit, and will be
>distributed to more than 5,000 world leaders in business, politics,
>academe, foundations, media, and the arts and sciences. Participants
>will receive copies in their hotel rooms each morning before breakfast.
>Forum News Daily will be also distributed widely in the main Congress
>Center where the summit sessions are held, and in the community of Davos
>itself, plus at the Zurich and Geneva international airports.
>Articles will be posted daily on the Web sites of Newsweek
>(dailydavos.com), eCountries (eCountries.com) and The Earth Times
>(earthtimes.org). The World Economic Forum is also mailing copies of the
>inaugural issue of Forum News Daily to all registered Davos participants
>before they arrive in Switzerland. We will print 10,000 copies each day
>in partnership with Tribune de Genève; the daily Web audiences are
>expected to be in the tens of thousands internationally.
>The tabloid-size newspaper will report on all activities at the annual
>meeting, and will carry features, analyses, and profiles of leading CEOs
>and others. It will invite opinion articles by corporate executives. Our
>team consists of wellknown journalists and columnists. Each issue of
>Forum News Daily will also carry news of the world supplied by The New
>York Times under a special arrangement with TimesFax. We will publish 10
>Davos editions: a curtain-raiser; eight dailies at Davos; and a wrap-up
>issue. Articles will also appear in a special anthology that we will
>publish in March 2001 for general audiences, and schools and colleges.
>Forum News Daily will be published at Davos meetings annually, and also
>at selected regional summits of the Forum during the course of each
>year. Special attention will be given to the concerns of nongovernmental
>organizations, particularly on issues such as globalization, human
>rights, population and social justice.
>The publication of Forum News Daily is a unique undertaking of the World
>Economic Forum, the foremost global partnership of business, political,
>intellectual and other leaders of society committed to improving the
>state of the world. The Earth Times Foundation is a not-for-profit
>organization that publishes The Earth Times daily on the Web
>(http://www.earthtimes.org) and twice a month in print. In association
>with the Council on Foreign Relations, it produces the Council's monthly
>newsletter, "The Calendar & Chronicle." The foundation has published
>dailies at major world conferences for more than 10 years. The Earth
>Times Foundation, through Earth Times Books, also encourages fersh
>voices from the developing world.
      >Pranay Gupte
      >President and Editor-in-Chief
      >Forum News Daily
      >(Published at Davos 2001 by the World Economic Forum and Earth 
      >205 East 42nd Street, Suite 1316
      >New York, NY 10017 (USA)
      >Telephone: 212-297-0488, ext. 17
      >Fax: 212-297-0566
      >E-mail: pranaygupte@att.net
      >Daily Web Edition: http://www.earthtimes.org

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