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[Nettime-nl] Exploding Cinema/International Film Festival Rotterdam

Exploding Cinema:
Cinema Online

Cinema Online
As part of Exploding Cinema, the Cinema Online programme focuses on work
made especially for the internet and presents cinematographic pieces
-linear and interactive- that explore online filmmaking. The dedicated
web site (www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/exploding) reveals the entire
programme and will be online from wednesday 24 january. In the festival
itself, the linear works will be screened in a film theatre and makers
will demonstrate their interactive works in presentations.

Cinema Online 1
video, 70 min
Compilation of work for the Internet on the big screen. Largely short
films and experimental work by independent artists. A selection of the
Cinema Online programme that is also on show on the specially designed
website (www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/exploding). With amongst others:
L' éternaute (Fred Fauquette / Erwan Défachelles, France, 2000)  Nous
sommes immortels (Daniel Guyonnet, France, 1999).  Smile (Niels Radtke,
France, 2000)
Stop for a Minute (Paul Davis / Adam Chodzko / Paul Plowman / Freemilk /

Jonathan Romney / Darren Almond / Cameron Jamie / Moichi / Nigel Helyer
/ Roman Coppola / Andrew Kötting, United Kingdom, 2001)
th25-1 20:00 CA2, sa27-1 20:00 CA2, sa3-2 20:00 CA2

Cinema Online 2
video, 60min
Linear internetwork compilation with lots of animation and several
episodes from various series that only exist on the web. A selection of
the Cinema Online programme that is also on show on the specially
designed website (www.filmfestivalrot-terdam.com/explo-ding). With
amongst others: Badcop.de (Mike Tucker, Germany, 2000) Braingirl (Marina

Zurkow, USA, 2000) Joe Paradise (Roque Ballesteros, USA, 2000) Stainboy
(Tim Burton, USA, 2000)  fr26-1 20:00 CA2, mo29-1 14:30 CA2, fr2-2 14:30



Show and Tell: Animutations
Presentations of interactive work by the makers themselves such as  new
forms of 'graphic novels', Flash and animation. Is the future to be
found in streaming media or will there be (interactive) alternatives?
Panelists: Jerome Mouscadet (Le Decouvert), Fred Fauquette (Analog
Indians), Angela Martini (Katbot), Will Amato (Stainboy/Tim Burton),
Marina Zurkow (Braingirl) Moderator: Carl Goodman
sa27-1 17:00 CA2

Show and Tell: Playing with Cinema
Presentations of interactive work by the makers themselves. This session
focuses on
innovative investigations of the interactive possibilities in the form
of game-like cinematic webproductions. Panelists: Nick Crowe
(artist/photographer), Tim Wright (Online Caroline), Stephanie Owens
(Oddcast), Ian Verchere (Electronic Arts/Honkworm), Sebastien Kochman
(Banja.com)  Moderator: Carl Goodman
fr26-1 17:00 CA2

Net Economics
Unlike the major online entertainment industry, independent makers book
minor successes. Which models make it possible to create  original
content for the web and to be economically successful. Keith Boesky
(Eruptor), Ian Verchere (Honkworm), Martin Dahlhauser (Badcop), Laura
Hastings-Smith (Dazed and Confused/Channel 4), Vincy Thomas (Fifi)
su28-1 17:00 CA2

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