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[Nettime-nl] >>DEAF_00 FESTIVAL INFO<<

ROTTERDAM, 14-26 November 2000 [main festival week: 14-19 November 2000] 
...........DEAF_00 EXHIBITION 
.........DIGITAL DIVE 
........................TALKS & PRESENTATIONS 
............................................ELECTRONIC MUSIC EVENTS 
..............FILM PROGRAM 
.............................DEAF_00 BOOK 
.....................................................TICKET INFO

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival, organised by V2_Organisation,
presents an international and interdisciplinary blend of interactive art
exhibition, selected WWW-sites, live performances, lectures and artist
presentations, workshops and an academic symposium.  DEAF_00 features
its own special website and is accompanied by a catalogue on the
festival theme, Machine Times.

Opening Tuesday 14 November, 18:00 
14 - 26 November, Nederlands Foto Insituut / V2_, 11:00 - 20:00 
Nlg. 7,50
The DEAF_00 exhibition features recent interactive art works that deal
with the notion of time in an inventive, witty, and iconoclastic way.
Visitors can interact with the machines and become manipulators of time
by expanding, bending, stopping, derailing and compressing it.
Art+Com (D), Perry Hoberman (USA), Christian Kessler (D), Arno Coenen
(NL), Eike (D), Ana Giron (USA), Dieter Jung (D), Gerald van der Kaap
(NL), Claudia Kölgen (D), Ron Kuivila (USA), Akitsugu Maebayashi (J),
Ikuo Nakamura (J), Marnix de Nijs (NL), John F. Simon jr. (USA), Maria
Soppela (F/N), Atau Tanaka (J) & Kasper Toeplitz (F), Andrej Ujica (RO),
Virgil Widrich and Martin Reinhart (A), Victor Elberse.
November 17 and 18, Lantaren/Venster, Lantaren 1, 12:00 - 18:00 
One Day Nlg. 100,-/60,-, Two Days Nlg. 150,-/100,-
The two-day DEAF_00 Symposium brings together a highly profiled and
interdisciplinary group of scientists, theorists, artists, architects
and sociologists who present and discuss their ideas and projects, as
well as enter into a public dialogue with the audience. With: Peter
Weibel (A), Atau Tanaka (J), Nils Abramson (S), Kodwo Eshun (GB), AE
(Gisèle Trudel/Stéphane Claude, CDN): s8p, antennas, transmissions,
Robert Levine (USA), Eugene Thacker (USA), Douwe Draaisma (NL)
Moderation: Birgit Richard (D), Timothy Druckrey (USA)
14 - 19 November, Zaal de Unie, 11:00 - 24:00 
free admission
The Digital Dive is the DEAF_00 online presentation space and features a
series of projects that deal with online archives and the presentation
of digital cultural heritage on the Internet. Projects can be explored
throughout the festival week and during public presentations on 15 and
17 of November. 
16 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster, Lantaren 1, 14:00 - 18:00 
Nlg. 12,50/10,-
An afternoon with various artists' presentations, lectures and
performances, new projects and works in progress, some of which will
only be announced at short notice. Confirmed are John F. Simon (USA),
Vicente Carreton (E/NL), E-Lab from Riga (LV), Cybernetic Culture
Research Unit (GB). 
16, 17 and 18 November, Lantaren/Venster, Lantaren 1, 20:30 - 23:00 
Nlg. 20,-/15,-
On three consecutive evenings, a specially invited guest is asked to
design an evening program.  This year's invitees are: Sara Diamond (CND)
16/11, Joost Rekveld (NL) 17/11 and Woody Vasulka (US/CZ) 18/11 
19 November, Lantaren/Venster, Lantaren 1, 14:00 - 17:00 
Nlg. 7,50
Several artists are experimenting with Zero Gravity, enabled by French
and Russian aeroplanes taking the artistic crews on parabolic flights.
The Wiretap program brings together the pioneers of artistic Zero G
research, who will present their work and research results, as well as
share their sublime, funny and weird experiences. With Kitsou Dubois
(FR), Rob La Frenais (UK), Dragan Zivadinov (SLO), Michael Benson
(USA/SLO) and Marko Peljhan (SLO). Unexpected cosmic interventions by
the Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts (NL) and a video by
Zoran Naskovski (YU). 
15 November, Lantaren/Venster, Lantaren 1, 10:00 - 18:00 
Nlg. 20,-/15,-
Both in the Netherlands and abroad, a growing number of schools offer
courses in media art, design and theory, researching new educational
models and responding to the transformation of media production in the
digital economy. On Wednesday 15 November, DEAF_00 features a series of
presentations by such schools, surveying their curriculum and showcasing
student projects. Among others: IAMAS International Academy of Media
Arts and Sciences (Gifu/J), Kunsthochschule fur Medien (Cologne/D),
Interfaculty Image and Sound (Den Haag/NL), ESDI - ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE
DISEÑO (S), F. Mohr Institute (former Media_GN) (Groningen/NL)
16 November, 16:00-18:00, Café De Unie, free admission 
CELL - Initiators of Incidents - presents in collaboration with Japanese
curators Kazunao Abe and Yukiko Shikata: Protocollision, a web project
in which Japanese and Dutch artists explore the (im)possibilities of
this digital medium. Featuring websites by: 
Akitsugu Maebayashi, doubleNegatives, exonemo, Mami Iwasaki, Yuki Kimura
(JP) Daniel Rodenburg, D.U.M.B., Gabrielle Marks & Stefan Kunzmann,
JODI, 0010 (NL) Webmasters: Squint . 
from 1 November through 31 December, 2000 online. 
By Antuez Roca 
14 & 15 November, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, 20:30 - 21:30 
Nlg. 25,-/20,-
This spectacular theatre production comes from one of the founders of
the well-known Catalan theatre group La Fura dels Baus, Antuez
Roca. Afasia is a breathtaking one-man performance in which Roca enters
into a physical bond with four robots. Together they provide an
explosion of movement, image and sound. Characters from the tales of
Ulysses are presented as sources of inspiration.

IBW (Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin) 
19 November, 19:00 - 20:30 and 21:30 - 23:00, Restaurant De Eend 
Combined ticket for dinner and performance: NLG 35,-
The closing performance is a hybrid evening of dinner and enlightening
disturbances, a multimedia report from a village in Honduras, and a
homage to the Spanish film pioneer Segundo de Chomon from Aragon.
Electronic music is currently branching off into innumerable sub-genres,
generating, dubbing and sampling speeds, noises, clicks and cuts for
listening, dancing and occasionally for irritation. DEAF_00 presents
several programs with live electronic sound experiments by international
artists, probing the state of the arts in the manipulation of audio
perception. Visual animations and video support, counteract and subvert
the sound performances.

16 November, Calypso, 21:00 - 02:00, Nlg. 25,- 
with Autopoieses [D], Monolake [D], Phako [NL], Köhn [B], FX. Randomiz
[D] visuals by Tappo Kontakt [D+NL]

17 November, Now & Wow, 22:00 - 05:00, Nlg. 35,- 
with: Speedy J [NL], Kit Clayton [USA], Funckarma [NL], DJ Miss Kittin
[F], DJ Lady Aida [NL], visuals by 0030 [B+NL]

23 November, 20:00 - 2:00, Dodorama. hosted by klub Dodo, Nlg. 15,- 
Akira Rabelais (US), Ekkehard Ehlers (D) and Stephan Mathieu (D) are all
exponents of the publisher Ritornell associated with Mille Plateaux.
DJ's Torben Tilly (NZ) and Jasmine Guffond (AUS), also collectively
active as Minit.

++Package price for all three events: Nlg. 55,-++ 
16, 17, 18 & 19 November, Lantaren/Venster, Venster 2, Nlg 10,-/7,50
The DEAF_00 film program is comprised of experimental work on themes
such as time travel machines, futuristic views, parallel dimensions and
art concerning time.
Opening Thursday 16 November with the Russian silent film THE MAN WITH
THE CAMERA (live piano by Yvo Verschoor with music by Shostakovich),
with an introduction by Marc Westermann, lecturer in film at the
Catholic University of Brabant.
Another Soviet classic on the program is AELITA. Other films linking up
with the DEAF_theme Machine Times are: THE MATRIX, 12 MONKEYS and
November 18, 14:00 - 18:00, Zaal de Unie, free admission  
R'Platform brings together young Rotterdam based media practitioners an
informal setting. Zaal De Unie will be transformed into an interactive
platform where participants will be able to present their work.  
Confirmed participation by Off_Corso Multi Media Lounge, WORM,,
and Exploding Cinema (International Film Festival Rotterdam). 
For more info or if you'd like to participate contact: or 
14 & 15 November, 11:00-24:00, Zaal De Unie, closed workshop, but
interested lurkers are welcome to drop by. 
nato.0+55 is a new software package (based on MAX) set to revolutionise
the realtime manipulation of video. The workshop brings together an
international developers community for a two day jam session,
culminating in a live public event with online and on-site performances.

||||Creative Kernels|||| 
16 November, 14:00 - 19:00, Zaal de Unie, Nlg 20,-/15,- 
A cooperation of Encart & V2_Lab
Creative Kernels is a workshop for artists, designers and developers
about recent software developments in the field of the arts. In this
workshop special emphasis will be placed on the exchange of R&D, and
'open source'. Cutting edge presentations and hands-on demonstrations
will be given by artists and developers followed by a discussion.

||||Future Moves 3 - Time Tracking|||| 
15 - 19 November, Scapino, A cooperation between Lantaren/Venster and
V2_Organisation, closed workshop.
The workshop 'FM3 -TT ' will mainly focus on using the qualities unique
to computers (or more in general technology) which can spur new ideas,
and new ways of working in the cross-disciplinary field. Timing is a.o.
a subject which will be researched, tried out and discussed among the
experts in this workshop.
Workshop leaders: John McCormick and Maja Kuzmanovic Lectures and
presentations by: Atau Tanaka, Matt Adams, Scott delaHunta. Workshop
coordinator V2_Lab: Sandra Hekkelman 
Please refer to for more details
on the workshop and how to submit your application.

Public presentation: 19 November, 11:30-13:30, Scapino, free admission 
Normal price: Nlg. 49.50 
Festival price: Nlg. 45,-. (reduction ticket available at the infodesk)
DEAF_00 will be accompanied by a book publication including essays by
and interviews with symposium speakers and other authors, plus
descriptions of the exhibition art works. 
full colour, illustrated, ca. 200 pages, in English.
During the first week of the festival an exclusive festival restaurant
will be created at Theatre Lantaren/Venster.
Open: 11:00 - 24:00. Lunches for approx. Nlg.10,- and dinners at
Nlg.19,50.  There is also an a la carte menu.  All meals prepared by
catering company De Kookvogels. 

++Online, (direct payment)

++DEAF_ticket hotline: ++31 (0) 10 - 277 22 82 
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 22:00, weekend 12:00 - 22:00 
14 - 19 November: festival cashier in foyer Theater Lantaren/Venster,
daily 10:00 - 21:00

++For events at other locations than Theater Lantaren/Venster: 
1 1/2 hours before commencement the cashier at Theater Lantaren/Venster
closes for events at other locations. From 1 hour before commencement
tickets are only available at those locations.

++Group reservations: contact: Cyrille Bloemers,

Sun November 19, 14:00, Sat November 25 and Sun November 26,
11:00 and 14:00 
Minimum of 10 subscriptions Admission: NLG 10,- 
Schools are invited to reserve guided tours adapted to level/interest) 
in time. Contact: 
Admission: NLG 50,- per group + NLG 2,50 p/p 
V2_Organisation................Institute for the Unstable Media 
Eendrachtsstraat 10.............................3012XLRotterdam 

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