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[Nettime-nl] REMINDER! 'FM3-Time Tracking' DEADLINE: OCTOBER 16th 2000


DEAF_00 - Machine Times
November 15th through 19th 2000 - Lantaren/Venster and V2_

Future Moves 3 - Time Tracking - timing and synchronisation between
performers and artists from different disciplines.

After two successful editions of Future Moves, this year the third edition
will be organised by Lantaren/Venster and V2_Organisation during the
upcoming Dutch Electronic Art Festival 00. The theme of FM 3 is 'Time
Tracking: timing and synchronisation between different disciplines' which is
directly related to 'Machine Times' the theme of DEAF_00.

The workshop 'FM3-TT / timing and synchronisation between different
disciplines' will mainly focus on using the qualities unique to computers
(or more in general technology) which can give birth to new ideas, and new
ways of working. Which offers opportunities for making pieces that are
clearly beyond the capability of non-computerized methods.

Looking beyond the technology one could discover an other issue, which is
strongly connected to the usage of technology but is rooted more deeply in
the segmentation of the art world. - Collaborative usage of technology
requires a common timing - When planning to introduce new ways of working,
and interdisciplinary collaboration using the same technology the need of a
commonly understood vocabulary and knowledge about the working methods of
the other disciplines is required. Since all processes are taking place in
time, the timing in interactive performances and the sense of time, the
feeling of 'the beat' using technology seems to be the key aspect to be

Although timing seems to be one of the crucial aspects, timing includes a
whole series of elements possibly used together in a multi media
performance, just to list some examples: timing in human interaction, timing
in human machine interaction, timing in related media elements, timing in
rhythm, cadence and musical feel.

How to deal with delay -acceleration between the different stage- and media
elements, using the strength of plurality of disciplines in a balanced
composition. Opportunities are wide spread, but how to develop a new method
of collaboration, which could eventually lead to new collaborative formats
in the future? All the main ingredients of performing art and media art;
music composition, the script, choreography and modes of performance ad to
the concept of a devolving state of communication set against a progressive
complexity of developing technology brought about by the development in

But what happens to the aspect of timing in interactive performances in
which the director or choreographer does have to deal with all these
different media - which have their own autonomous rhythm - and where no
fixed scenario (based on movement or on text) is available?

How to integrate the spatial knowledge of performers (and other
participants) with the interaction possibilities of new technology?

To obtain more in-depth information on these issues, the workshop Future
Moves 3 - Time Tracking will highlight several aspects in interdisciplinary
collaborations to be researched by its participants in a collaborative
'sketch' production. All participants are being invited to bring in already
existing work, ideas,material etc. to be recycled, re-used, re composed
during the workshop, aiming to focus on the research of interdisciplinary
collaboration and exchange process rather than on creating (producing) new

John McCormick and Maja Kuzmanovic.

Atau Tanaka, Matt Adams and Scott delaHunta.

More information about participating and entryform can be found on:


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