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[Nettime-nl] Deaf_00: workshop Creative Kernels

Deaf_00: Workshop Creative Kernels  

date: 16 nov. 2000 at 14:00 - 19:00 
location: Zaal de Unie - Mauritsweg 34 - Rotterdam
entrance: Fl 20,00 / Fl 15,00
hosted by Encart - V2_Lab 

Creative Kernels aims to provide information about and discuss recent
software developments (and work in progress) in the field of the arts.

Art productions, performances, creative events and cultural content often
place demands on functionality that require specific software and hardware
which are not available in main stream packages. In the workshop Creative
Kernels special emphasis will be placed on:

1. The exchange of research and development in the field of creative
software engineering
2. The possibilities and consequences of 'open source' in the field of
creative software development from the perspective of both developers and

Artists who consider the programme code as a crucial part of their effort
will present their work and comment on it. The creators of significant art
related software products will present their work, talk about it and
exchange concepts, knowledge and future scenarios.

Several cutting edge hands-on demonstrations will be given during person to
person exchange sessions.

In the final session of the workshop interoperability and open source for
art and creative software development will be discussed among the audience
and a panel of experts.
Artists, designers, software engineers, etc. are welcome to join the
presentations and discussions hosted by Encart and V2_Lab.


Crack: Alexander Tuchacek, Christian Hübler/Knowbotic Research (A/BRD)

Fuidiom: Gerald de Jong/Beautiful code (NL)

J-max: Francois Dechelle/Ircam (F), Geert Mul/Artist (NL), Carlo
Prelz/V2_Lab (NL)

Keystroke: Sher Doruff/Society for Old and New Media/Steim (NL)

MM-base: Erwin Blom/VPRO (NL)

Ultra son tracking system: Márton Fernezelyi/C3 (H)

Matrix: Volker Christian/Ars Electronica Centre (A)

Scanner: Christian Ziegler (BRD)

SmallFish: Masaki Fujihata/artist (J) Wolfgang Muench/software developer
(BRD) (t.b.c.)

V2_os: Artyom Baguinski/V2_Lab (NL)


a.o.: Erwin Blom VPRO (NL), Geert Mul (NL), Alexander Tuchacek (BRD),
Francois Dechelle (F), Tom Demeijer (NL), Wolfgang Muench (BRD)


Horst Höntner, manager of the Ars Electronica Future Lab. The Future Lab is
specialised in design and realization of VR environments in artistic and
scientific (research) projects . The concept and design competence of the
Future Lab produces work in the areas of Virtual Environments,
Media Studio and Interactive Computing.

Information on Encart can be found at:
Information on the V2_Lab can be found at:
Information on DEAF can be found at:

V2_Organisation: Marjolein Berger  
Eendrachtsstraat 10 - 3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: 31.(0)10.206.7272
fax: 31.(0)10.206.7271

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