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Re: [Nettime-nl] inspirerend anti-globaliserings gedachtegoed

At 16:41 26-09-2000 +0200, eveline wrote:

>Branding is taking up more and more of our public space. Logos
>are on billboards, televisions and computers. Even our bodies have
>become the backdrop for corporate advertising. Naomi Klein sees a
>backlash brewing to all this branding and she's written about it in
>her new book, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies.

Lees ik net een interessant verhaal over Radiohead komt ik de volgende 
zinnen tegen:

"And here's the loveliest irony. Radio-head are now poised to be the one 
brand and logo that might possibly win over the anti-brand, anti-logo 
generation of the early Noughties."

Oeps... strijd al gewonnen. Nou, dat ging lekker snel.

Of wacht...., nu moet Radiohead natuurlijk bestreden worden.

He lastig. Nou ja, zo blijf je lekker bezig.

groet, groet,

Francisco van Jole
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