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[Nettime-nl] Pro@Contra Moscow Symposium - last update

[sorry for any cross-posting]

Moscow MediaArtLab (Isaev/Shishko/Gorucheva] is pleased to present

11-14 may 

An open video broadcasting on the Net will allow many users to join the work of the symposium. Part of working time will be given for free exchange of opinions and answers on questions put online. It'll be possible to enter the interactive conference via our site http://procontra.danet.ru

Pro&Contra is a border crossing, international forum for
media culture and art. 

The theme of symposium is MachineMachy: pro or against the machines?
Discussions, presentations, exhibitions and workshops on four directions: inter-art, inter-technology, inter-institutions/education, inter-information will explore the problem. 

11 May - Art Beyond Definition? http://procontra.danet.ru/eng/art/art.htm
Problem of the new technology art research. Functional aspects of the role of art activity exploring new technology opportunities, and using them to beat artistic goals. Quality value problem, and evaluation criteria in regards to contemporary media-art. It's place in art history, in correlation with idea, method and technique evolution.
JODI, Alexei Shulgin, Janos Sugar, Andrei Velikanov, Igor Stromajer, Frederic Madre, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Joseph Nechvatal, Katherine Liberovskaya, Konstantin Bokhorov, Mizc Flor, and others.
Net Art, CD Rom and Media Installations exhibitions.

12 May - Information and Power http://procontra.danet.ru/eng/information/information.htm
Appearance of virtual models of relations in contemporary society is inevitably followed by transformation of the real world, both its image in general and it social, political and economic framework. What contradictions appear within this process? What are the most effective methods of vital problem decision by means of media technologies? Is contemporary media-art able to productively perform its critical function, or is it good for nothing but speculating on fashionable radical ideas and conceptions?
 Ivan Zassoursky, Moscow - "The Internet and mass media: possibilities and circumstances"
Richard Barbrook, Great Britain - "The Cybercommunist Manifesto"
Inke Arns, Germany - "Minor Media Toolkit: An Appraisal of Horizontal Communication"
Eric Kluitenberg, Normunds Kozlovs and others

One of the round table discussions of this panel will take place at the House of Russian Government with the participance of M.Reiman, Minister of communication and informatisation; A.Pochinok, Minister of taxes; M.Seslavincky, First Vice-Minister of press, broadcasting and communication media Federal Security Service and other officials. A week after the symposium the Russian Government will discuss a set of rules concerning State control over Internet. 

13 May - Art and Institutions/Education http://procontra.danet.ru/eng/institutions/institutions.htm
New Tactics and Strategies?
New methods of creation, presentation and distribution of cultural product and creative cooperation between all participants of cultural data exchange (authors, audience, organizers, and theorists) demand new institutional strategies and tactics. It is necessary to establish electronic art centers, work out educational programs and projects to finance and support creative initiatives in this field, since more and more artists and other cultural activists try to find the most effective method of solving their creative tasks with the help of new technologies.
Raivo Kelomees, Tallinn
Nomada Urboniene & Gediminas Urbonas, Vilnius
Katya Stoukalova, Media Lab of Kiev Center of Modern Art, Kiev
Katherine Liberovskaya, Studio XX, Quebec, Canada
Svetlana Ostrova, Pro Arte Media Center Program, St. Petersburg
Alla Mitrofanova, CyberFeminClub, St. Petersburg
Andrei Smirnov, Termen Center, Moscow
Konstantin Mitenev, St.Petersburg and orthers

14 May - Art and Technology http://procontra.danet.ru/eng/technology/technology.htm
Technological Progress and Technical Regress?
Evolution and formation of a media artist's status and method today: a researcher, critic, activist, manipulator, programmer. Two forms of data existence - two space, visual and acoustical (VRML and Radio, micro and web); art content creative, representative and distributive technologies that become more and more popular.
A presentation of the VRML-ART 2000 exhibition, and the pros and cons of this media
Moderators - Kathy Rae Huffman and Martin Schmitz
Micro Radio Party - workshop by Tetsuo Kogawa
Net.Radio Workshop "Acoustic Space" - By Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, Riga

And each evening - kino/video and musical program; VJ, DJ parties.

Full list of participants - http://procontra.danet.ru/eng/participants/participants.htm

For full program (it may be changed) check below http://procontra.danet.ru/eng/program/program.htm

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