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[nettime-lat] RV: 45 countries suppress Internet access for citizens


De: "George(s) Lessard" <media@WEB.NET>
Asunto: 45 countries suppress Internet access for citizens
Fecha: miér., 14 marz 2001 10:48 am

45 countries suppress Internet access for citizens
Governments in 45 countries across the developing world are being taken to
task for placing restrictions on their citizens' ability to access
information on the Internet. In most cases, government control has been
achieved by compelling citizens to subscribe to a state-run Internet
Service Provider (ISP), charges Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Some governments, on the other hand, have imposed restrictions by
installing filters blocking access to websites regarded as
''unsuitable'' and sometimes forcing Internet users to register with
state authorities, adds this Paris-based media rights monitor in a new
study, 'The Enemies of the Internet'.

''On the pretext of protecting the public from 'subversive ideas' or
defending 'national security and unity,' some governments prevent their
citizens from gaining access to the Internet''. Included in this list of
''real enemies'' are nations such as Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq,
Libya, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia and Vietnam. Among RSF's
recommendations are: the abolition of state monopoly on Internet access, a
stop to the control of ISPs, the cancellation of the obligation for
citizens to register with the government for Internet access, a stop to
censorship through use of filters, and an end to legal proceedings against
Internet users.

Source: - Media Channel
/ One World

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