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[nettime-lat] telefonica y latinoamerica.

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latin america again saving european markets...?! /geert

Telefónica takes top billing as tech star

By Tim Nott

Oh woe, oh misery. The Nasdaq closed at its lowest point since
December 1998 on Monday. Reuters alliterated Techs Tumbling, and
everybody expected the European markets to follow suit. Except, in
general, they didn't. Despite the Neuer Markt closing lower, things
were generally much cheerier. Investors boosted Vodafone, according to
the Times, as the company said it would pay AT&T 1.45 billion euros
for the latter's ten per cent stake in Japan Telecom. In Paris,
Ananova reports, techs closed higher, led by Thomson Multimedia,
Dassault Systems, Alcatel, and (short fanfare, please) France Télécom.

However, the star of the European show was the Spanish
telecommunications group, Telefónica, which announced a 38.8 per cent
growth in net profit, which rose to 2.5 billion euros. Turnover was up
24 per cent and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and
amortisation was nearly ten per cent up at 11.9 billion euros: around
half of this came from the group's Latin American subsidiaries, which
showed, in the words of Bloomberg, "booming growth". It also elicited
from Dresdner Kleinwort Benson analyst David Wright, the observation
that "Latin America is really starting to come through in the group
numbers". The mobile arm, Móviles contributed doubly to the group's
success, with its flotation earning unspecified but "big" capital
gains, according to the Financial Times, and an operating profit of
590 million euros. This helped offset 555 million euro losses at Terra

Although Telefónica's debt rose 32 per cent to 27 billion euros, this
is still considerably less than that of its French, German and British
counterparts. Shares closed 2.73 per cent up on the Madrid stock
market yesterday.

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Telefónica recurre a los beneficios extraordinarios para seguir como la
primera empresa en ganancias;

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