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[nettime-lat] (fwd) 7ma biennal de la habana

en la habana pasan cosas como esta



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>Dear Fellow workers in the Eternal Network
>thought to pass this on with news of this Mail Art Event--
>organized by the great Clemente Padin
>ever an inspiration and example
>--david baptiste chirot
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>      MAIL ART HIT PARADE  2000   REPORT  At last, on Friday 17th  November at
11 am,  the MAIL-ART HIT PARADE 2000 took place, opening the 7th. Biennial
of Havanna in the old part  of the city. The event was so important that the
caretakers of the Biennial  asked me to repeat it the following day, due to
the opening of a new section of  the exhibition of the Biennial in the
Cabin, one of the citadels that protects  the approaches to the City Port.
Our objectives were fulfilled: taking  the mail-art out into the streets,
where the people are, in a kind of living  exhibition; bringing together
thelong-distance communication, intrinsic to  mail-art, and the direct
communication with the Cuban people and trying to  integrate the audience to
the net by giving postcards as a present in order for  them to participate
and send them back to my address.  Another important  aspect was to reaffirm
the disinterested character of  mail-art by giving  all the masks and
costumes received to those who took part in the parade, except  the ones
that the Australian artist  David Dellafiora lent me. Last, it  must be
highlighted the wide legitimization our art achieved by opening the
Biennial in front of numerous authorities and art critics from all over the
world, including Pierre Restany, in representation of the UNESCO. Soon I
will  publish a catalogue with pictures from the event. Also a video was
filmed of 20  minutes long.  I want to thank the Wifredo Lam Centre from
Cuba,  the students of the first cycle of the National Academy of Fine Arts
"San Alejandro" of Havanna,  the Association of Bank Employees of  Uruguay, 
David Baptiste Chirot,  the Australian artist David  Dellafiora, AUMA
(Action Urgent Mail-Art) and Alexis Abreu, the Cuban  artist  who took part
in the event. Also to all the participant  mail-artists.   color=#000000> 
color=#000000>   Besides the Biennial, I made a performance on Tuesday
14th,  where  I read an anthology of experimental poetry, in the  "October
10"  Gallery organized by the Cuban poet  Raydel Araoz, with poems by
Edgardo  Antonio Vigo, Philadelpho Menezes, Guillermo Deisler, Arrigo
Lora-Totino, Jose  Lino Grunewald, Julien Blaine, Jean-Claude Moineau,
Jean-François Bory,  Klaus Groh, Bartolomé Ferrando, Fernando Aguiar, Bob
Cobbing and my  own. color=#000000>  Clemente Padin, Montevideo, Uruguay,
November 24,  2000Content-Type: IMAGE/JPEG
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