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[nettime-lat] desaparecidos en cuba?

quisiera que alguno de los expertos
en el tema de cuba confirmara o no
si estas cifras que aparecieron hoy en mi buzo-n:
son ciertas , medias verdades, o falsas

esta usted en el ultimo episodio
cuba: espionaje, vaqueros y guerra fria


Amigo Pedro:
De mi parte, le envío estos datos.

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From: <LAWTON>
 Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2000 2:28 PM

Subj:   Updated figures for deaths caused by Cuban Revolution
Re: Loss of life resulting from the Cuban Revolution.

April 27, 2000 update for "The Human Cost of Social Revolution," work in
progress by Armando Lago, Ph.D.

 18,000     executed
   1,000        extrajudicial assassinations
    250     disappeared
    500     died in prison for lack of medical attention
    500     murdered in prison by guards (brutality)
    150     extrajudicial assassinations of women, for different causes
  20,400    Sub-total for extrajudicial killings
    200     political prisoners who reportedly committed suicide in prison
  83,000    died at sea attempting to flee "balseros" - estimate based on
Coast           Guard estimates of casualties
  10,000    Cubans killed in "internationalist-solidarity" wars in Africa
113,600 Total

The above numbers don't include deaths caused by Batista regime,
documented by Armando Lago at 2,500, of which 2,200 are deaths in military
battles in
the Sierra Maestra, mostly soldiers, and 300 were murdered by Batista
security forces. This is in sync with estimates i have been able to obtain
over time, which range at around 3,000.
For more information, contact Armando Lago, tel. 301.229-8921.

To put these numbers into some context, note that all deaths reported
during the entire Pinochet regime in Chile totaled no more than 3,100, a
which includes the disappeared.


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