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To all the friends of the WMF Club in Berlin:


For years the WMF has been synonymous with beautiful ambience, good music,
and  quite often, the best parties in Berlin, of course. But now the WMF is
on the move.

Almost randomly, the WMF week in New York was triggered through the
immediate and broad presence of the WMF Club Berlin during the exhibition
"Children of Berlin" in P.S.1 the Contemporary Art Center.

The exhibition brings young Berlin art and culture to the big apple and
with it comes Berlin nightlife.

On the invitation of the exhibition curators, the WMF Club will introduce
itself with resident DJs Highfish & Diringer and Manuela Krause running the
show at the opening party after the Vernissage on Sunday, the 7th of
November, in the  "Windows to the World" bar in the upper part of the World
Trade Center: Electro House and German Electronica in one of the most
famous sky scrapers in the world!

No problem, because Highfish & Diringer already arrived with Cookies Bar to
celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Fall of the Wall". Cookies has been
going strong for a long time in Berlin and will give its own special
service performance on Tuesday, the 10th of November at P.S.1 with the
complete Berlin team including DJs Highfish & Diringer, Ben E. Clock,
bartenders, doormen, and imported frequent guests! The unique atmosphere
and famous Cookies Cocktails make it one of the best Bars in Berlin --
exclusivly presented in New York this night.

Wednesday, the 10th of November, Highfish & Diringer along with Manuela
Krause are to be heard in Gavin Brown's tres chic and petit Bar "Passerby"
which is famous for its modernist floor (!). No dancing allowed, but a
fabulous view with even more amazing music will make it a beautiful night!

And the party continues on Thursday the 11th, with the start of Carnival
and yet another WMF Party! - This time at the "Good World" in China Town.
Here the WMF-residents are on the right side of power, as guests of the
Soundlab DJs known as the creators of the "Illbient" Style (Spookey!) - an
extraordinary New York-Berlin-Coop in electronic music that just might
steal the show. The rest of the days could allow some spare time to see the
city in the light of day and rest a bit. If not, why should
New York be so different from Berlin?

soundfilez, photos, adresses, updates and urls at

-> please reply to
-> if you want to be on the guest list!



Son. 7th November 1999

PS1 - Opening Party
Windows on the World
One World Trade Center
(107th Floor)
NY, NY 10048

Doors Open: 21:30h

Line-Up: Highfish & Diringer (WMF/Cookies, Berlin)
         Manuela Krause (WMF, Berlin)

Tue. 9th November 1999

PS1 - Cookie´s Bar Project
"10th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall"
Contemporary Art Center
22-25 Jackson Ave 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

Doors Open: 22:00h

Line-Up: Highfish & Diringer (WMF/Cookies, Berlin)
         Ben E. Clock (Berlin)

Wed. 10th November 1999

Gavin Brown´s Bar
436 West 15th St
NY, NY 10011

Doors Open: 22:00h

Line-Up: Manuela Krause (WMF, Berlin)
         Highfish & Diringer (WMF/Cookies, Berlin)

Thu. 11th November 1999

Good World Bar
3 Orchard St
NY, NY 10002

Doors Open: 21:00h

Line-Up: Soundlab DJ´s
         Highfish & Diringer (WMF/Cookies, Berlin)
         Manuela Krause (WMF, Berlin)


 _  _  _ _______ _______
(_)(_)(_|_______|_______)                       WMF - Johannisstr. 20
 _  _  _ _  _  _ _____                          10117 Berlin
| || || | ||_|| |  ___)                         +49 30-28388850
| || || | |   | | |                             +49 30-28388851
 \_____/|_|   |_|_|                   

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 Auschwitz-Witness imprisoned - The very one who did more than others to
                        prevent Auschwitz-Denial
    Please attend Trial at 8. , 10., 11. und 15 November in Mannheim,
                      Landgericht, A 1, 9.00 a.m.

  Auschwitz-Zeuge inhaftiert und angeklagt - Prozeß gegen Toben am 8. ,
                 10., 11. und 15. November in Mannheim

     Dr. Fredrick Toben vom Adelaide Institute bei seinem Besuch der
                     Gedenkstätte des KL Auschwitz
 Selbst die Bezeichnung "Mordfall Auschwitz" (Toben) wird vom Mannheimer
 Richter noch zur Begründung mehrmonatiger Untersuchungshaft mißbraucht
                   (siehe Haftbefehl vom 3. Mai 1999)


   Dr. Fredrick Toben, Adelaide Institute, visiting Auschwitz, giving
                        testimony by his person
 German judge tries to block this witness on the "Auschwitz murder case"
  taking this very speech to back incarceration (see warrant of May 3,

                         Who will be the next?

        Sleipnir, Zeitschrift für Kultur, Geschichte und Politik


               Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen!


 Wir brauchen dringend Ihre Unterstützung! Endangered freedom needs your

                     Please send your contribution
         to Verlag der Freunde, Kto.-Nr. 7439540, Comdirectbank
                    Quickborn(Germany), BLZ 20041111

        Kontakt über Redaktion, Postfach 350264, D-10211 Berlin
                     Tel./Fax: (0049/0/30)-42857835


                 Keine neue Gestapo, keine neue Stasi,
                        keine politische Justiz!

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"PerformativeVISION" | Collaborative connectivity
at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art,
Turin, Italy


I'm pleased to announce the program and the real
time sessions of PerformativeVISION
within the GOLEM Videofest that will take place
at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art,

6th - 11th november 1999

PerformativeVISION is curated by Elisa Giaccardi
and it aims to face a connection
between the notion of vision and collaborative
connectivity in art.

...'There is nothing to see from outside your
and other people's performative involvement'...
   (from the text in catalogue)

Please see the attachments for information
and forward the email to those interested.


Elisa Giaccardi

Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts
Centre for Science, Technology & Art Research
School of Computing, University of Plymouth

Research Fellow
Department of Sciences of Communication,
University of Turin

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 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | 1 7 |
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What you will do if you don't have inspiration to do your work?
If somebody have any funny answer, please tell me!!!

It's my project, thank you very much!


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Some recent news from Thundergulch

1.  Fall '99 Arts/Technology Presentations @ various venues

Monday, November 15 -- <italic>More and Less</italic> (interactive
exhibition & artists' talk)

12:30 pm @ ITP

Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts,NYU

721 Broadway, South Elevators to 4th floor, NYC

An exhibition of pioneering interactive multimedia projects at the
intersection of art and technology, featuring the work of the NYU
Interactive Telecommunications Program Interval Research Fellows: Dan
O'Sullivan, Camille Utterback, Daniel Rozin, and Emily Weil. Viewing of
exhibition followed by artists' talk @ 1:30 pm.

(Seating limited for artists' talk; open to first 50


Tuesday, November 16 -- SVA's 7th Annual New York Digital Salon

8 pm @ VOID, 16 Howard Street, NYC (corner of Mercer)

Featuring <italic>Composite Cells</italic>, a solo A/V performance by
Jarryd Lowder and <italic>Les Jaseurs</italic>, a performance by G.H.
Hovagimyan and Peter Sinclair,as well as animations, from this
international exhibition of computer art organized by the School of
Visual Arts in NYC.  (On view at the Visual Arts Museum at the School of
Visual Arts from November 8-December 15)


Monday, November 22 -- Thundergulch/World Views

6:30 pm @ Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, NYC

New media work created by some recent residents from LMCC's World Views
residency program that takes place on the 91st floor of the World Trade
Center.  Featuring Jennifer & Kevin McCoy's long term, multiple media
project, Airworld (, sponsored by the Walker Art Center
and a selection of digital video work by Paul Pfeiffer.


Tuesday, December 7 -- Thundergulch/World Views

 8 pm @ VOID, 16 Mercer Street, NYC (corner of Howard & Mercer, entrance
on Howard)

More new media work created by some other recent residents from LMCC's
World Views residency program that takes place on the 91st floor of the
World Trade Center. Featuring a site specific sound installation created
by Stephen Vitiello and a selection of video works by Adriana Arenas


Monday, December 13 -- <italic>Dreaming Brain</italic> and

6:30 pm @  Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, NYC

<italic>Dreaming Brain</italic>, a new crossover art genre that combines
film, the electronic game, painting, and video created by artist Steve
Miller (on view as a CD-ROM at the Equitable Art Gallery from November
4-February 26 in an exhibition entitled, Dreams 1900-2000: Science, Art,
and the Unconscious Mind).     <italic>Cathedral</italic>, a work for the
web by William Duckworth, that is an ongoing work of music and art
designed and written specifically for the virtual concert space of the
World Wide Web.  It includes both acoustic and computer music, live
webcasts, and newly designed virtual instruments, such as the PitchWeb.



2.  Multimedia Bulgarian artist, Krassimir Terziev, who was an Artslink
Fellow with Thundergulch last year, opens a video installation this week
at The Kitchen:

<italic>Reader/Everything Seems to Be Alright

</italic>Opening: Friday, November 5, 6-8 pm

On View: Through November 27: Tuesdays-Saturdays, 2-6 pm

@ The Kitchen

512 West 19th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues)



3.  Thundergulch @ Rockefeller Center

Extended through the month of November

"Arts Interlude" Video Wall Program

@ 1251 Avenue of the Americas

Mondays and Wednesdays: 12 - 2 pm

(between 49th-50th Streets, east Concourse)

Thundergulch was approached by Ark Restaurants Corporation (owners of
Lutece, the Bryant Park Grill, and scores of other first-class
establishments nationwide) to curate a program of artists' videos and
animations for a new restaurant called

Z-DIM that will open in Southfield, Michigan later this fall.
(   In order to celebrate this arts/business
partnership and to showcase some of the artists' work in the New York
area, Thundergulch has selected a sampling of the full program to
showcase as a "sneak preview" to the opening of the restaurant.

The following is a list of the videos/animations included in the

Kenn Beckman/Blue Gene Tyranny

<italic>The Song of the Street of the Singing
Chicken</italic>                        1981    5:17

A lively mix of Beckman's video artistry and original "chickenesque"
music by Tyranny, referred to as "a comedy for eggheads." (distributed by
the Kitchen)

Skip Blumberg

<italic>Chinese Noodle Making:Backwards and
Forwards</italic>                       1989    4:00

In this playful cooking video, Chinese chef David Yang demonstrates the
ancient art of noodle-making. Beginning at the end of the story, Blumberg
first presents the process of noodle-making backwards -- a cleaver jumps
into the chef's hand; strands of noodles swing wildly in the air. When
the noodles finally revert back to a ball of dough, Blumberg switches
gears to show the process in forward motion, ending as he began -- with
the finished noodles. As the credits roll, artist Paul Wong's family eats
the final product.

<italic>Flying Morning Glory (on fire)</italic>    1985    4:00

Blumberg calls this video a "zany, hot performance cooking video," in
which he ignites the screen with the wildly unexpected, flaming "cuisine
art" performance of a virtuoso sidewalk chef in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

<italic>Get Wet: The Synchro Swim Scratch Video</italic>    1988   5:00

This playful video focuses on a local synchronized swim team in
performance. The artist's use of underwater camera, slow motion and
close-ups gives the viewer an unusual perspective from which to watch the
amateurs' routines,  while the subtle application of special effects
allows him to choreograph new moves for the swimmers.

Anney Bonney

<italic>Hypnosis Tape   </italic>    1995    2:09

"not a Hypnosis of the mind...but a way to relax your body." Lesson one
from the Long Island school of seduction.

<italic>Moon Charms</italic>    1997    5:24

Rio Cine asked the artist to create a new work for them.  She thought of
Rio's Jewel-like beauty, its hypnotic rhythms, and made Moon Charms as a
sound-as-image/ science-as-magic mandala.  All the source imagery is
water, with undertow music mix by Ben Neill and DJ Spooky.

<italic>Pluto's Grace</italic>    1997    4:36

A non-narrative parable of New York's underworld (mythic and
sociological) with local time lapsing, visual inversions and cinematic
sampling from State of Grace.

Racquel Coelho

<italic>In a Box</italic>    1996    2:20

This stop-motion animation tells the abstract story of a puppet that
falls into an empty cardboard box followed by some interesting
objects...The puppet finds out the sound that can be produced by each
object, as he uses them to assemble his own exquisite percussion set.
This animation is conceived as a piece of "visual contemporary music,"
where the film is the score for the musical composition.

<italic>The Tapir</italic>    1996    3:54

This 3D computer animation features a myth from the Tupari Tribe in
Brazil, and explains the origin of the "Amazons" -- the mythical tribe of
warrior women that are supposedly living and hiding in the Amazon Forest.

Kristine Diekman

<italic>Go To Sleep You Little Horses</italic>    1992    1:50

This video explores the tradition in America of romanticizing the
American West in popular culture, iconography, and advertising. With
images of the American West and the sound of a lullaby, the tape uses
what is familiar to evoke a sense of recognition. The lonely cowboy hero
and the wild mustang are ironically paired with a well-known Appalachian
folk song -- <italic>All The Pretty Little Horses</italic> -- to elicit a
sense of longing and disappearance. Underscoring the lullaby, which is
sung in a clear acappella voice, is an ominous low rumble of other music
which turns out to be a commercial theme song. The black and white images
are nostalgic, reminiscent, and familiar, and in fact prove to be
appropriated from early Marlboro Man commercials. (distributed by the

Richard Foreman

<italic>Top of the Pop</italic>    1986    3:30

This satirical music video, performed by Jessica Harper,  looks at the
disposable pop culture phenomenon through disposable record executives,
performers,  and purchasers. (distributed by the Kitchen)

Neil Goldberg

<italic>Hallelujah Anyway # 2</italic>    1996    2:00

A ballet of NYC merchants opening their shop gates as the day begins.

<italic>Hallelujah Anyway #3</italic>    1996    3:00

With a music box playing in the foreground of various Manhattan
locations, Goldberg introduces an element of lyricism into the normal
cacophony of New York City.

Eleanor Goldsmith

<italic>Sonic Drift</italic>    1998    1:00

Soundwaves create a landscape where random voices drift across an
oscillating plain.

Pat Hearn

<italic>Grace Jones</italic>    1980    3:54

This videotape features manipulated images of Grace Jones from her music
video, "Warm Leatherette." (distributed by the Kitchen)

Jeff Koone

<italic>Phi_Brite</italic>    1997    2:30

Shot completely off a Lite-Brite, colorful, abstract shapes move to a
funky drumbeat you can dance to.

Joan Logue

<italic>30 Second Spots</italic>   1982    8:00

Co-produced by The Kitchen, 30 Second Spots: TV Commercials for Artists
features brief portraits of the following artists: Maryanne Amacher,
Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, David Behrman, John Cage, Lucinda Childs,
Douglas Ewart, Simone Forti, Jon Gibson, Philip Glass, Spalding Gray,
Joan Jonas, Bill T. Jones & Arnie Zane, George Lewis, Alvin Lucier,
Meredith Monk, Max Neuhaus, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine, Liz
Phillips, Tony Ramos, Steve Reich, Charles Santos, Richard Teitelbaum,
Yoshi Wada.

<italic>Portraits on Dance</italic>    1998    7:00

Understanding the diverse cultures of NYC through traditional dance.

John Lurie

<italic>Big Heart</italic>    1986    6:09

A music video produced for the Lounge Lizards' album of the same title,
<italic>Big Heart </italic>was shot in Italy and the island of Sardinia.
Lurie chose the informal Super-8 format because he believed that it would
better capture the beauty of Sardinia and the personalities of his band
members.  (distributed by the Kitchen)

Muriel Magenta

<italic>Token City</italic>    1997    4:00

The subway becomes the location for a 3D animation transforming the
everyday commute into an experience of images and sounds which merge
reality with the extraordinary.  Viewers become an integral part of the
action and emotions of an unpredictable subway excursion via the
manipulation of 3D animation, computer graphics, real time video, and a
mixed soundtrack of electronic music and digital sound effects.

Laura Margulies

<italic>Hepa</italic>    1998    6:30

Using a combination of oil painted animation and black and white film
footage, "Hepa!" explores the world of Afro-Brazilian dance with a new
perspective.  The rhythms of one charismatic drummer propel forward both
the dancers in the film and the film itself.  Moving from the martial art
of Capoeira to festive samba dancing to the spiritual Orisha dances of
the Candomble religion and then to the high energy rhythms of African
dance as done in New York City's dance studios, "Hepa!" invites the
viewer into a compelling world of dance and music.  Painted frame by
frame using oil paints on glass, "Hepa!"'s color and texture add a vital
dimension to the already dynamic dancing.

Anna Minkkinen

<italic>In Between</italic>    1998    2:30

A man catches a fleeting glance at a world hidden between the lines of a
bar-code.  This simple, hand drawn animation is a visual exploration of
the codes and patterns of modern identity.

John Moynihan

<italic>Vampires</italic>    1993/98 1:38

A short exercise in modern urban horror that grafts the design elements
of Japanese anime onto a New York influenced hybrid.  Employing multiple
exposures to create a film noir environment of stark shadows and bands of
light, the film considers the impact of "the undead" on a multi-cultural
feeding ground.  Needless to say, it goes terribly, ghastly wrong.

The Residents

<italic>Act of Being Polite</italic>    1980   1:02

Illustrates the anxiety and the irony over the dating scene with the help
of animation.

<italic>Don't Be Cruel</italic>    1992   2:19

A new version of Elvis' classic.

<italic>This Is A Man's World </italic>    1992   3:28

A different version of the well-known James Brown tune.

(distributed by the Kitchen)

Zbigniew Rybczynski

<italic>The Day Before</italic>    1981   1:40

A farcical look at drinking in space, soviet style

<italic>The Discreet Charm of Diplomacy</italic>    1983   2:28

Portrays pompous diplomats feasting at a surrealistic banquet.

(distributed by the Kitchen)

Programs organized by Thundergulch Director Kathy Brew

Thundergulch, c/o LMCC, 5 World Trade Center, Suite 9235, NYC 10048     212-432-0900, ext. 223

Thundergulch is a program of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
Funding for Thundergulch is provided by the AT&T Foundation, the Bell
Atlantic Foundation, the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs,
Heathcote Art Foundation, Media Arts Technical Assistance Fund, the
National Endowment for the Arts, Electronic Media and Film Program of the
New York State Council on the Arts, the May and Samuel Rudin Family
Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.
Thundergulch is also grateful for support from the Alliance for Downtown
New York, the Chase Manhattan Foundation, J.P. Morgan, the New York
Information Technology Center, Rudin Management, the Port Authority of
New York & New Jersey, Parsons School of Design, and Harvestworks Digital
Media Arts.


4.  World Views

An Artist-In Residence Program at the World Trade Center

Announcing Winter 99/00 Resident Artists

The Project

World Views is LMCC's artist-in-residence program that provides
approximately 15 artists twice a year with temporary, free studio space
on the 91st floor of One World Trade Center (WTC). Resident artists work
in painting, photography, sculpture, installation and new media for 5
month periods, which culminate in open studio events for the public.
Throughout the residency, visits by critics, curators, arts professionals
and students are organized to provide exposure to artists. The program
offers artists the rare opportunity to experience the intense rhythm and
environment of the financial district and to produce new work from one of
the world's most renowned landmarks.

Save The Date

A retrospective exhibition of selected works from past residencies will
be on view from November 16-28, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on the Mezzanine
level of WTC Tower One.

Artists: Winter Cycle (November 99 - April 00)

Taleen Berberian, Bruce Bosnan, Patty Chang, Geoffrey Detrani, Martina
Gecelli, Gelatin, Kelly Hashimoto, Emily Jacir, Susan Kelly, Diane Ludin,
Tamara Mewis, Slink Moss, Prema Murthy, Marcos Rosales, and Kimberly
Tomes. Eiko and Komo will participate as a special project.

The Jury:

Kathy Brew, Director of Thundergulch, LMCC's Arts & Technology

Lawrence Chua, Writer and Critic

Amada Cruz, Senior Curator, Center for Curatorial Studies Museum, Bard

Moukhtar Kocache, Director of Visual Arts Program & Services, LMCC

Kevin McCoy, Artist

Warren Neidich, Artist

Carol Parkinson, Director of Harvestworks

Since its founding in 1973, LMCC has acted as an entrepreneurial arts
council by creating and managing programs in response to the needs of
artists and audiences as the cultural climate has changed locally and
nationally. LMCC supports individual artists, small arts organizations,
and community-based arts groups of diverse disciplines and cultures.
Operating both in its historic downtown area and throughout Manhattan,
the Council's programs include free arts presentations and performances,
grants and technical assistance, arts information exchange, arts/business
partnerships, and the exploration of art and technology.

Liz Thompson - Executive Director

Support for World Views is provided by the Port Authority of NY & NJ, the
Jerome Foundation and the New York Mercantile Exchange Charitable

For Information Please Contact Moukhtar Kocache at (212) 432-0900 x216


c/o Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

5 World Trade Center, Suite 9235

New York, NY 10048

tel (212) 432-0900

fax (212) 432-3646


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