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we would like to announce our conference "Feminist Perspectives on the
Paradoxes of Globalization" (Nov. 5.-6, 1999 / Berlin, Germany).
The conference details are posted below. You can also look at (Registration via internet is

Brigitte Young and Elmar Altvater (organizers)

Conference of the Research Group: Globalization,
Sustainability and Gender,
Free University-Berlin/University Münster


Globalization has set in motion the restructuring of global finance,
production, trade, and the global labor force. These forces have altered
welfare regimes, development strategies, the sovereignty of nation-states,
citizenship rights, markets, ecological sustainability, and gender
relations. Global processes not only perpetuate old patterns of segregation,
they create new forms of marginality and social hierarchies. We have invited
scholars from around the globe to address questions that go beyond a mere
description of market discrimination and gender segregation and to provide a
gendered construction of globalization and democratization in various
regions of the world. Most studies to date have missed the transformational
and contradictory character of globalization and the reconfiguration of the
territorial properties of the nation-state, private and public spheres,
environmental and human geographic spaces of different world regions, and
gender regimes.
Focusing on the practices that provide the infrastructure for the production
and reproduction of global capital, we intend to make visible a multiplicity
of work cultures ranging from immigrant to female cultures where the work of
globalization gets done. The referees will analyze the gendered and
ecological nature of the current processes of structural and institutional
transformations from different theoretical and geographic perspectives,
especially the emergence of exclusionary and discriminatory practices
ranging from gender to class, ethnic and national identity. Our goal is to
define and explore the relationship among four major organizing principles:
globalization, gender relations, ecological sustainability, and
democratization in different regions of the world (Africa, Latin America,
Asia, Europe, Russia, and North America), and discuss global and local
strategies for empowerment and resistance.

Date:  November 5 - 6, 1999
Organizers: Prof. Brigitte Young/Prof. Elmar Altvater, FU-Berlin/University

Registration: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Tel.: 49 30 285 34 212, fax: 49 30
285 34 109, e-mail: Conference Place: UFA-Fabrik,
Viktoriastr. 13-18, Berlin (Tempelhof) Homepage: Conference Fee: DM 140,-- (with meals,
coffee, buffet and cultural evening) DM70.-- (reduced rate for low income


Research Group on Globalization, Sustainability and Gender
Dept. of Political and Social Sciences
Free University Berlin/University Münster

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Young / Prof. Dr. Elmar Altvater

Supporting Foundations: Heinrich Boell Foundation,
German Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women, and Youth

Conference Place: UFA-Fabrik, Viktoriastr. 13-18

Feminist Perspectives on the Paradoxes of Globalization
November 5-6, 1999

Friday, 5th November 1999

9:00      Welcome: Claudia Neusüß, Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Opening Lectures:

9:10 --  9:30 Brigitte Young:
  'Feminist Perspectives on the Paradoxes of Globalization'
9:30 -- 10:00 Elmar Altvater:
Time and Space Compression and Forms of Globalization

10:00 -- 12:00 Panel I: 'Engendering Global Economic Structures'

  Isabella Bakker, York University, Canada
  Lourdes Benería, Cornell University, USA
  Stephen Gill, York University, Canada
  Uschi Eid, MoP; Under-Secretary of Econ. Cooperation
            and Development, The Greens, (invited)

    Discussant: Elmar Altvater; Moderator: Brigitte Young

12:00 - 12:30   Coffee Break

12:30 -- 13:45 Discussion Groups

Group I: Isabella Bakker /Elmar Altvater
'Engendering Macro-Economic Policy Reform in the Era of Global
Responsible: Silke Lock

Group II: Lourdes Benería/Diane Elson
Gender Awareness in Structural Adjustment Programs
Responsible: Dorothee Bohle

Group III: Stephen Gill/Brigitte Young
Disciplinary Neo-Liberalism and the Political Economy of
Responsible: Brigitte Young

13:45 -- 15:00 Lunch

15:00 -- 17:00 Panel II: Gender Relations and how Globalization Materializes
in the Different Regions of the Globe?

Achola Pala Okeyo, Africa/UNDP
Barbara Helfferich, Women’s Lobby, Brussels,
Claudia v. Werlhof, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Jayati Ghosh, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Elena Kochkina, Moscow State University, Lomonosov

Discussant: Annekathrin Linck, Heinrich Boell Foundation
Moderators: Traute Meyer/Simone Schwanitz

17:00 - 17:30 Coffee Break

17:30 -19:00 Discussion Groups

  Group I: Achola Pala Okeyo/Silke Lock
                        Women Grass-root Politics in Africa
                         Responsible: Silke Lock

Group II: Barbara Helfferich / Traute Meyer
Political Opportunities for Women in the New Transnational European
  Responsible: Traute Meyer

Group III: Claudia v. Werlhof/Petra Schaper-Rinkel
>From NAFTA to MAI and War Economy: Effects on Women and Grassroots
Responsible: Petra Schaper-Rinkel

Group IV: Seiko Hanochi/Kinhide Mushakoji, Japan
Asian Crisis, Transnational Organized Crime and Sex Trade   Responsible:
Brigitte Young

  Group V: Elena Kochkina/Simone Schwanitz
  Transformation Societies and the Reconfiguration of Gender Relations
                        Responsible: Simone Schwanitz

Saturday, 6th November 1999

9:30 - 11:00 Introduction: Frigga Haug, HWP, Hamburg, Germany

  Keynote Speech: Dorothy Smith, University of Toronto, Canada
  'Globalization as the Glocalization of Political Action'
  Responsible: Ariane Brensell

11:00 - 11: 30 Coffee Break

11:30 - 13:30 Panel III: 'Gender Relations and Sustainability'

Irmgard Schulz, Institute of Social-Ecological Research, Germany
Grace Akumu, Climate Network Africa, Kenya
Mary Mellor, University of North Umbria, England
Thais Corral, REDEH-Brazil, Latin America

Moderator/Discussant: Dagmar Vinz / Johannes Dingler

13:30 - 15:00 Lunch

15:00 - 16:30 Discussion Groups

Group I: Mary Mellor / Johannes Dingler
The Transformation of the Gender-Nature-Relations in the Era of
Responsible: Johannes Dingler

Group II: Thais Corral / Elmar Altvater
Feminist Perspectives on the Concept of Sustainable Development
Responsible: Nina Sartori

Group III: Grace Akumu / Heike Walk
Aspects of  Gender and Sustainability within the Climate Debate
Responsible: Achim Brunnengräber
Group IV: Irmgard Schultz/Dagmar Vinz
                        Engendering Sustainable Development?
                        Responsible: Dagmar Vinz

Group V: Dorothy Smith/Frigga Haug
                        New Feminist Politics in the Era of Globalization
                        Responsible: Ariane Brensell

16:30 - 17:00 Coffee Break

17:00 - 19:30 Closing Panel:
              Global and Local Strategies of Empowerment and Resistance

  Christa Wichterich, Journalist/Development Expert, Germany
  Bettina Musiolek, Clean Clothes Campaign, Germany
                        Achola Pala Okeyo, UNDP/UNIFEM
                        Mascha Madörin, Independent Consultant, Switzerland
                       Marie Rhie Chol Soon, South-Korea, Women’s Labor
                        Union (KWWAU)

Moderator/Discussant: Petra Schaper-Rinkel/Dorothee Bohle
20:00  Buffet and Cultural Programme

* Bilingual Interpretations are provided: English/German

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futureScreen 99

AvAtArs | phantom agents
identities + role play in web worlds

symposium | online performances
featuring inter/national artists

presented in association with Powerhouse Museum
and the cooperation of Artspace Australia

who do you want to be today?

Your avatar can look anyway you want it to, up to the limitations of your
equipment. If you're ugly, you can make your avatar beautiful. If you've
just gotten out of bed, your avatar can still be wearing beautiful clothes
and professionally applied makeup. You can look like a gorilla or a dragon
or a giant talking penis in the Metaverse. - Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

An avatar is your cyber alter-ego who represents 'you' to the other
players in a virtual environment. Cyberspace is rapidly becoming populated
by these roaming, often elaborately designed fantasy creatures.

Avatars were popularised through sc-ifi/cyberpunk novels such as William
Gibson's Neuromancer and Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, and first appeared
on the internet in text based meeting places known as MUDs (multi user
domains). They can now represent you as three dimensional, fully animated,
photo realistic, personalised characters in graphic based web worlds.

Are we moving towards the kind of experience sci-fi writers have
envisionsed for years? Are these graphic personifications the future in
computer interaction, or just a passing fad? What are the implications for
the workplace, for performance, for fiction, for filmmaking? How will the
new Australian Net Censorship laws affect the usage of avatars? Who do you
want to be today?

>> | \\ >> //


sat 6 + sun 7 november
Target Theatre, Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris St Ultimo, Sydney

half-day saturday $20 full / $15 conc / $10 dLux
sunday $25 / $20 / $15
both days $30/ $25 / $20
bookings essential tel (02) 9380 4255

sat 6 november

1pm     introduction

1.15    Invisible Interludes 1: Santaman's Harvest
        Adriene Jenik (usa) special guest
        Assistant Professor of Computer and Media Arts
        University of California, San Diego, USA
        international online performance

2.00    Avatar and Golem, Inc.
        Jeffrey Cook (nsw)
        Director, 3V digital production and distribution
        researcher/writer, media technology futures

2.30    break

2.45    Does Your Software Agent Cry?
        Suresh Sood (nsw)
        Director, Business Consultancy, TIBCO Finance Technology

3.15    Juxtapositions in Avatar Environments
        Fletcher Andersen / Facter Pollen (wa)
        Virtual Learning and WWW Supervisor, Curtin University, WA
        consultant in virtual environment design and implementation

3.45    break

4.00    Have Avatar, Will Travel: Colonising the New Cyberspace
        Bruce Damer (usa)
        President and CEO, DigitalSpace Corporation
        Director, Contact Consortium + author Avatars (Peachpit Press 1998)
        introduced by Merryn Neilson + Dave Rasmussen (vic)
        directors, Titan's Guild Studio's, 3D virtual reality and web design
        international online performance

4.45    close

>> | \\ >> //

sun 7 november

10.15am introduction

10.30   keynote presentation
        Live From Any-Space-Whatever
        Adriene Jenik (usa)
        Assistant Professor of Computer and Media Arts
        University of California, San Diego, USA

11.15   Fiction in 3D Worlds
        Miriam English (vic)
        artist/writer/programmer/virtual world builder
        founding member, Virtual Reality Association

12pm    break

12.15   The Role I was Born to Play
        Mistress Eve Black
        bondage & discipline professional, adult industry advocate

12.45   Fractal Personalities
        Graham Crawford (nsw)
        web artist + director, EXILE online gallery
        Corporate Website Producer, Solution 6

1.15    lunch

2.30    Suzanne Treister's Rosalind Brodsky:
        Invading Ancestral Spaces Through the Privileged Violence of Technology
        Dr Jyanni Steffensen (sa)
        ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
        Department of Social Inquiry, University of Adelaide

3.00    The Avatar and Virtual Humanoids
        Simon Hill (vic)
        performer/writer/VRML designer
        co-founder, The Men Who Knew Too Much (TMWKTM)
        Adam Nash (vic)
        performer/VRML programmer/composer
        case study of live and online project by TMWKTM

3.30    break

3.45    Movatar: inverse avatar and motion capture system
        Stelarc (vic)
        cyber performance artist (video paper in absentia)

4.15    Being and Cyberness
        panel discussion chaired by Kathy Cleland (nsw)
        curator, Cyber Cultures

5.00    close


Company in Space : Escape Velocity
followed by televideo discussion by John McCormick

tues 9 november 7.30pm
Artspace 43-51 Cowper Wharf Rd Woolloomooloo, Sydney

$10 / $8 / $6 dLux and Artspace members + symposium delegates
bookings essential tel (02) 9380 4255

Two solo dancers - Hellen Sky in Sydney, Louise Taube in Melbourne - are
joined through ISDN link. Their bodies merge in a virtual fourth dimension
which is projected onto large screens in both locations.

Escape Velocity is a unique amalgam of choreography, visual imagery, sound
and real time video interaction. The dancers are 'actual avatars'; their
performance questions the body's relationship to physical and virtual
corporeality, technology and gravity.

Led by Hellen Sky and John McCormick, Company in Space is one of
Australia's most innovative performance companies, utilising computer and
communication technologies to create new pathways between performer and

>> | \\ >> //

* for further information please contact
alessio cavallaro, director, dLux media arts
po box 306 paddington nsw 2021 australia
tel 61 2 9380 4255 fax 61 2 9380 4311

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Dear Colleagues,

We are an art community in the Former Government Supplies Department in
Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong.  Recently we have been notified by
the Government Property Agency that our tenancy will be terminated by 15
December 1999.  We would like to seek your support for developing the
complex into a community arts centre.
Being attracted by the environment and low rental in the Oil Street
premises, a number of arts organizations, namely, 1aspace, Artist
Commune, Kwok and Cho Studio, On & On Theater Workshop, Videotage, Z+
and many individual artists, designers, photographers and architects,
etc, moved in the premises.  They constitutes a conglomeration of
exhibition venues, studios and offices for arts groups of diverse
disciplines.  This is the first time ever that a community "contemporary
art centre" of this scale has taken shape with initiative and endeavour
from the Hong Kong artworkers.
In view of the importance of community-initiation to the pluralistic
development of Hong Kong arts and the inadequate space for art
activities, we would like to seek your     support in our plead to the
Hong Kong SAR Government for using the Oil Street premises for art
activities on a long-term basis, and to develop the site into a
community art centre.  If you support our clause, we would like to
invite you to complete the attached slip and fax return 852-25035978.
Or fax a support letter with a letter head.

Thank you for your attention.

Reply Slip (Fax: 852- 2503 5978)

I support developing the Former Government Supplies Department at Oil
Street for art activities on a long-term basis.







company chop if available

Enquiries: 852-2573 1869 /   Videotage)

                                                                         - - - -
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                                                                         - - - -

Dear Friends,

The Transnational Institute is hosting a Festival of Ideas at de Balie in
Amsterdam between 11 and 13 November 1999. Topics include:
* The World Trade Organisation
* Humanitarian Interventions
* US Hegemony and EU Alignment: Strategic Options for Regions in the
* Readings by John Berger and Ariel Dorfman
* NATO after Kosovo
* The Third Way and New Politics in Europe
* Popular Movements and New Politics in the South
* Implications of the Pinochet case
and much more!

see also:

Towards a 21st Century Internationalism


Thursday 11 November 1999

De Balie, Leidseplein

10.00 - 12.00

Grote Zaal: Opening Welcome: Fiona Dove

Globalisation and its Contradictions

Keynote Speaker: Fred Halliday, Prof. International Relations, London
School of Economics Chairperson: Susan George (TNI Associate Director and
President of l'Observatoire de la Mondialisation)

2.00 - 4.00 Parallel Sessions:

Grote Zaal: NATO After Kosovo: Out-of-Area Operations: Enlargement and
European Security

Opening: Cora Weiss, President Hague Peace Appeal Introduction: Karel
Koster, Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation Debate: Dr Alexander
Nikitin, Institute of International Relations, Moscow & Pugwash VS ???
Moderator: Anne Koch, BBC

Salon: US Hegemony and EU Alignment: Strategic Options for Regions in the

Speaker: Samir Amin, Director Third World Forum Discussant Panel: Dot
Keet, Centre for Southern African Studies, Western Cape Univ., South
Africa; John Saxe-Fernandez, Insitute for Economic Research, Univ. of
Mexico; Candido Grzybowski, Director IBASE, Brazil; Gareth Api Richards,
Manchester University Department of Government Chairperson: Brid Brennan,
TNI fellow

Kleine Zaal: An afternoon with Ariel Dorfman Readings by Chilean writer,
Ariel Dorfman, live and on video: My House is on Fire: A filmed suspense
story of migrant children caught in a globalisng world.. Dead Line: Bono,
Emma Thompson and others animate this Channel 4 film based on Dorfman
poetry. Plus: Book Signing


A special session entitled Ten Years On: The Crisis in the CIS - A
Worker's Point of View is being hosted at the TNI offices, Paulus
Potterstraat 20 (opp Van Gogh Museum). Speaker (with translation into
English): Alexander Bukhvostov, President of the Belarussian Automobile
Union and the Belarussian Workers' Party.

16.30 - 18.30 Parallel Sessions:

Grote Zaal: NATO After Kosovo: Nuclear Policy

Participants include: Karel Koster, PENN; Peter Weiss, President
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms/Middle Powers
Initiative; Praful Bidwai, TNI/Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament;
Dan Plesch, Director British-American Security Information Council (BASIC)
Chairperson:Clarissa Niehuys

Salon: Europe Incorporated: Exposing the Political Power of Big Business

Speakers: Erik Wesselius, Corporate Europe Observatory, Netherlands;
Jessica Woodroffe, World Development Movement, UK; Sarah Anderson*,
Institute for Policy Studies, USA Chairperson: Olivier Hoedeman, Corporate
Europe Observatory, Netherlands

Kleine Zaal: Talking Art and Contemporary Politics

Animated by: Ariel Dorfman* (novelist, Chile/USA); Ari Sitas (poet, South
Africa), Saul Landau (poet/filmmaker, USA); Hein Marais, South African
writer and James Early, Smithsonian Institution Centre for Folklife and
Cultural Heritage, USA

20.30 - 22.30 Evening Session:

Grote Zaal: The United Nations at the Edge of the 21st Century: Iraq,
Kosovo, East Timor and beyond

Speakers:Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel laureate, East Timor; Theo Van Boven*,
Professor of International Law, Maastricht University, formerly with the
UNHCR, Dutch Cabinet Minister; Phyllis Bennis, Fellow TNI/Institute for
Policy Studies/UN and Middle East specialist, USA;  Chairperson: Cora
Weiss, President of the Hague Appeal for Peace

Friday 12 November 1999

 10.00 - 12.00

Grote Zaal: Pinochet Case: Implications for International Human Rights Law

Speaker: Geoffrey Bindman, solicitor representing Amnesty International,
other organisations and victims of torture who intervened in the case to
extradite Gen. Pinochet from Britain to Spain Discussant Panel: Joan
Garces, Spanish Lawyer in Case against Pinochet;John Dugard, Chair Public
Internat. Law, Leiden Univ/South Africa; Ricardo Sobersn Garrido, human
rights lawyer, Peru; Hugh O'Shaughnessy, award-winning journalist and
author of new book on Pinochet and the implications of the case against
him; George J. Aditjondro*, analyst of the implications of the case for
Indonesia & Southeast Asia Chairperson: Peter Weiss, a lawyer for over
twenty years - on behalf of the Centre for Constitutional Rights in the US
- to Joyce Horman, whose husband, Charles was murdered just after the
Pinochet coup and immortalised in the film 'Missing'. Weiss was also a
close friend of another US-connection to the case against Pinochet - TNI
Director, Orlando Letelier, assassinated in Washington in 1976 along with
Institute of Policy Studies' worker, Ronni Karpen-Moffitt.

14.00 - 16.00 Parallel Sessions: Grote Zaal

Humanitarian Intervention and Contemporary Wars

Panel: Francisco Rey, Red Cross, Spain; Alex Ramsbotham*, UN Association
of the UK; David Sogge, TNI/NGO consultant, Netherlands, Dan Smith,
TNI/Director Peace Research Institute, Norway Chairperson: Mariano
Aguirre, TNI/Director Centre for Peace Research, Spain

Salon: Global Transformations

Panel: Andre Gunder-Frank, Prof Internat. Rels, Canada; Samir Amin,
Director Third World Forum/World Forum for Alternatives, Senegal; Jan
Nederveen Pieterse, Assoc Prof, Institute for Social Studies, Hague; Peter
Waterman, international social movement analyst, Hague Chairperson: Barry
Gills, Newcastle University, UK

Kleine Zaal: Global Environmentalism: Seeking Common Ground

Panel: Annie Brisibe, Niger Delta Wetlands Centre, Nigeria; Agus Sari,
Pelangi Environmental NGO, Indonesia; Samuel Nguiffo, '98 Right Livelihood
Award winner, Cameroons, Daphne Wysham, Sustainable Economy and Energy
Network, TNI/Institute for Policy Studies fellow, USA Chairperson: Hermann
von Hatzfeldt, environmentalist, Germany

Plus: short presentation of "Forests for the Future" (Both Ends/Zed Press,
1999) with Paul Wolvekamp (ed) and Nguiffo (contributor)

16.30 - 18.30 Parallel Sessions:

Grote Zaal: What Future the Nation State?

Panel: Boris Kagarlitsky, Institute of Comparative Political Science,
Russian Academy of Sciences; Marcos Arruda, TNI/Director, Policy
Alternatives for the Southern Cone, Brazil; Jochen Hippler, TNI &
independent analyst, Germany;; Tom Nairn*, Edinburgh University
Chairperson: Dan Smith, TNI/Director Peace Research Institute, Norway

Salon: The Next Intervention? Colombian Conflict and International

Speakers: Piedad Cordoba, Senator-in-exile, Columbia: Ricardo Sobersn
Garrido, Accion Andina, Peru; Coletta Youngers, Washington Office on Latin
America; Gregorio Wolff, leader of the Public Sector Workers' Union;
Martin Jelsma, TNI, Netherlands;  Chairperson: Jenny Pearce, Bradford
University Peace Studies, UK

Kleine Zaal: ATTAC-Netherlands Workshops (Dutch)

An inaugural workshop to discuss a proposed five point action plan: a)
implementation of a Tobin Tax on international currency transactions; b) a
democratic say over national capital flows; c) the removal of tax breaks
for companies; d) effective taxation on capital returns; e) corporate
accountability. For more information, contact or search

18.30 - 20.00 Parallel Sessions:

Grote Zaal Launch of ATTAC Netherlands (Dutch & English)

Public Launch of the Dutch (and 20th national chapter) of the Association
pour une Taxation des Transactions financiers pur l'Aide aux Citoyens
(ATTAC) Speakers: Susan George, ATTAC-France and Eric Goemans,

Kleine Zaal: Dutch Complicity in US Intervention in Columbia

Round table discussion led by Gregorio Wolff, leader of the Public Sector
Workers' Union; Martin Jelsma, TNI, Netherlands and Theo Roncken, Accion
Andina, Bolivia

20.00 - 22.00 Evening Session:

Grote Zaal Mobilisation Against Corporate Globalisation: Focus on World
Trade Organisation

Speakers Walden Bello, TNI/Director Focus on the Global South, Thailand;
Susan George, TNI/President l'Observatoire de Mondialisation, France;
Wolfgang Kreissl-Dvrfler*, MEP Greens, Germany; Ilke Schroeder*, WTO
Reform Inter-group of the European Parliament; Sarah Anderson*, Institute
for Policy Studies, Washington Chairperson: Marcos Arruda, TNI/Policy
Alternatives for the Southern Cone, Brazil

Salon: Cultural Globalization: Homogenization or Hybridization?

Debat: James Early, Smithsonian Institute, USA vs Hein Marais,
analyst/journalist, South Africa Chairperson: Jan Nederveen Pieterse,
Assoc Prof, Institute for Social Studies, Hague

Kleine Zaal: Amirica Latina: los retos de la democracia y la izquierda
(Democracy and the Left in Latin America):

Live Broadcast via the Spanish World Service of Radio Nederland Led by:
Carlos Vilas, Latin American political analyst, Mexico/Argentina; Jenny
Pearce, Bradford University Peace Studies and others Chairperson:Kees
Biekart, TNI Netherlands

Saturday 13 November 1999

De Balie, Leidseplein

9.30 - 11.30

Grote Zaal. USA Politics Today: A View from Inside

An interview with Marcus Raskin, Distinguished Fellow of the Institute for
Policy Studies (IPS), who will address such questions as US omnipotence
and the psychology of impotence; the politics of entertainment or
poli-tainment; is the US being isolationist or nationalist; and is there
any change of a liberal or left alternative in the US.

10.00 - 12.00

Salon: Social Movements in Search of a New Politics?

Panel: Carlos M. Vilas, political analyst, Univ. Nacional Autonoma de
Mexico; Melay Abao, Sec Gen Akbayan party, Philippines; Raymond Suttner,
South African ambassador to Sweden; Francis D. Lee, People's Solidarity
for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), S.Korea Chairperson: Achin Vanaik,
TNI/journalist, India

10.00 - 17.00

Kleine Zaal: Temporary Autonomous Zone:

An ongoing catwalk of activist projects from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe. This
multi-media environment will highlight inspiring initiatives and
facilitate unexpected encounters with only one limit: a maximum of 15
minutes exclusive exposure! Organised, mediated and entertained by Jo van
der Spek

11.00 - 12.00

Grote Zaal: On Preserving Capitalism in the 21st Century: The Lugano

An Interview with Susan George, TNI Associate Director and President of
l'Observatoire de la Mondialisation, conducted by Howard Wachtel, TNI/Prof
Economics, American Univ.

12.30 - 14.30

Grote Zaal: The Third Way & the Need for a New Politics

Panel: Anthony Barnett, Senior Research fellow at Birkbeck College,
London; Joost Lagendijk, Vice-Chair of the Green Faction in the European
Parliament; Jochen Hippler, former advisor to Green Party, Germany, Bob
Borosage, Institute for Policy Studies, USA Chairperson: Hilary
Wainwright, TNI/Editor Red Pepper, UK

15.00 - 17.00

Grote Zaal: King: A Street Story

John Berger and his daughter, Katya Andreadakis, read from the story of
King, a voice for the poor and marginalized millions who daily live the
effects of neo-liberal globalisation. Delivered in English and French,
King's lyrically furious homage to the homeless will demand to know what
YOU are going to do about it?  (Option of continuing in the Kleine Zaal)

17.30 - 18.30

Grote Zaal: Towards a New Internationalism: Closing Plenary

7.30 - 9.30

Fundraiser for the Case Against Pinochet

Double Screening of "Death & The Maiden", based on the broadway hit by
Ariel Dorfman, at: - Grote Zaal - De Balie: Introduction by Chilean Human
Rights activist, Isabel Letelier - Film Museum - Vondelpark: Introduction
by Ariel Dorfman, screenwriter

                                                                         - - - -
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                                                                         - - - -

A cooperation by V2_Organisation / Zaal De Unie / Knowbotic Research

Urban Agency - Urban Strategies

Zaal De Unie, Rotterdam, 1 - 5 November 1999

A series of lectures about the transformation of the city and about new
urban and cultural strategies through which the process can be influenced.

The city today is continuously changing. The outer limits of the city
become vague, they are being traversed by new technological infrastructures
and new cultural and social domains are created, sometimes visible,
sometimes invisible. The city in its traditional sense, is being replaced
by a large number of urban zones, places, force fields and sub-cultures
which precede the local and connect it to translocal and even to global

The program Urban Agency - Urban Strategies will investigate this topic
from five different point of views. In succession the following topics will
be elucidated: artistic, planning, philosophical, economical and design
aspects. Every evening stands on its own, but together they form one
unpredictable whole. The central question is whether new possibilities will
arise through new technologies for functioning and intervening in the
public domain. And what the space is for the individual and groups to
participate and influence urban processes.

Programmes start at 20.30 hrs. Entrance fee: fl 12,50 / 10,00.
Location: Zaal De Unie, Mauritsweg 35, Rotterdam
(exception: Wed. 3 Nov. at Goethe Institut Rotterdam, Westersingel 9)
Reservations recommended at tel. +31-10-4333534.
All lectures are held in English.


Monday, 1 November, 20.30 h, Zaal De Unie.

Urban Tendencies - artistic interfaces to urban processes

With Christian Hübler, Yvonne Wilhelm (Knowbotic Research, Cologne), Alex
Adriaansens, Andreas Broeckmann (V2_Organisation, Rotterdam)

Urban Tendencies discusses the relationship between new media and urban
development. The programme focuses primarily on the possibilities that are
created by digital technologies for participation of individuals and groups
in public processes. It elucidates artistic and cultural projects that
involve media, like Internet, large-scale image projections and interactive

Tuesday, 2 November, 20.30 h, Zaal De Unie.

Public Agency - designing the new public domain

With Jeanne van Heeswijk (Rotterdam), Frédéric Migayrou (Nantes).
Moderator: n.n.

The public space is traditionally defined as a domain of free exchange,
functioning and participation of all citizens: meeting places in the city,
the market, newspapers and other public media. The rise of digital
technologies has a great influence on the structure of this space. Is
today's 'public domain' more scattered or broader and richer than before
the 'digital revolution'? This question is crucial for the debate about
architecture, urban planning and art and about the roll they play in
society. Is the public domain still a place for acting and intervening?
Where does the 'public' take place nowadays and who shapes it by
developing spatial and cultural strategies? How can one claim these new
public spaces?

Wednesday, 3 November, 20.30 h, Goethe Institut Rotterdam.

New Economy - flexible subjectivities?

With Henk Oosterling (Rotterdam), Michael Hardt (USA). Moderator: Bert van
Meggelen (Rotterdam)

Thinking about modern economy, politics and culture is still closely
connected to the notion of the autonomous individual. However, current
technological and social shifts suggest the development of a new economic
framework and thus undermine the position of this social ideal.
Globalisation of production and distribution, mass labour migration, the
decrease of employment because of automation etc., create a new social
situation where cultural and political functions of the public domain
change, and where the place of the individual and groups have to be
reconsidered. What will this new economy and these new forms of
subjectivity look like, and how will they be shaped?

For organisational reasons, this programme takes place in the Goethe
Institut Rotterdam, located at Westersingel 9, across the street from Zaal
de Unie.

Thursday, 4 November, 20.30 h, Zaal De Unie.

Immaterial Labour - virtual agency and artistic practice

With Maurizio Lazzarato (Paris), Hans Ulrich Reck (Cologne). Moderator: Ido
Verhagen (Amsterdam)

'Money' and 'work' fulfil a prominent role as autonomous categories in the
classical economic theory of the 19th century. The economic changes of our
time, especially the globalisation and automation of production and the
strengthening of the service-sector, bring about a new dominant form of
work, which is described as 'immaterial work' by Lazzarato and others.
'Immaterial work' describes forms of work that are not based on the notion
of (industrial) production, but that rely upon the development of social
relationships, life-styles and subjectivations. This evening discusses the
hypothesis that immaterial forms of labour are increasing and investigates
the consequences of this shift.

Friday, 5 November, 20.30 h, Zaal De Unie.

Connective Tools - dis/functionality in networks

With John Tackara (Amsterdam), Siegfried Zielinski (Cologne). Moderator:
Michiel Schwarz (Amsterdam)

Electronic networks connect more and more workplaces, meeting rooms,
concert halls and all sorts of machinery. In this way they form a new
social and cultural territory in which acting and co-operating are no
longer tied to a specific place. 'Connective Tools' are instruments for
communication and creative exchange, which are based on net network
technologies. They bring about new possibilities for co-operation and thus
also new forms of artistic work. During this evening a number of such
'Connective Tools' will be presented. Their cultural and aesthetic
possibilities will be elucidated and we discuss how these possibilities
can be used by artists who want to go beyond pure functionality.

Urban Agency - Urban Strategies is organised by V2_Organisation in
co-operation with the Rotterdamse Kunststichting, Knowbotic Research+cF,
Goethe Institut Rotterdam, Rotterdam Cultural Capital 2001, De Balie and
Stichting NRW.NL. The program forms part of the Kunst NRW.NL Festival - a
cultural exchange project between Nordrhein-Westfalen and the Netherlands.

Project coordination: Andreas Broeckmann, V2_Organisatie <>
For further information, check:

*IO_Dencies Rotterdam* - The lecture series is closely connected to a
workshop organized during the same week in cooperation with the V2_Lab.
During this workshop, the artist group Knowbotic Research (Köln/D) does
research for their project I0_Dencies - Questioning Urbanity. This is a
long-term art project in which new technological models are sought for
discourse of and the interaction with 'the urban'. Earlier versions of the
project have been realized in Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Venice and Duisburg. (URL: The workshop and the lecture series are a starting point
for the Tendencies project that Knowbotic Research will develop for 2001,
Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe.

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