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<nettime> OpenSRS: open-source/distributed ICANN accreditation

   [if you wanted to get into the domain-name racket, here's
    your big chance: you too can sell domains for $13 a pop.]


     * Index Page
     * What's New
     * Getting Started Guide
     * OpenSRS Client API Specification 1.0b
     * Client License Terms
     * Server Access License Terms
     * OpenSRS FAQ
     * OpenSRS Client FAQ
     * OpenSRS Server FAQ - Coming Soon
     * OpenSRS License FAQ
     * Project Notes
     * ICANN
     * Network Solutions
   Welcome to OpenSRS (Open Shared Registration System). We are currently
   racing towards our full release on November 15th, 1999. Please browse
   this web site and feel free to drop us a line if you have any
   OpenSRS is a cooperative SLD Registration service managed by
   TUCOWS.com Inc. It is a completely open system that has been designed
   to allow domain name resellers that are not ICANN or NSI affiliated to
   register domain names at wholesale prices. By leveraging Open Source
   principles, firms that have sufficient application development skills
   can interface with our documented API's, which in turn talk directly
   to Network Solutions proprietary structures.
   OpenSRS is founded on the principle that access to the community
   domain name registry should be open to as many people as possible. It
   is a public resource and should be managed in the same manner that a
   park is - open and accessible to all. It is the mandate of OpenSRS to
   uphold this principle.
   OpenSRS is fully accreditated by ICANN and officially recognized by
   Network Solutions.
   Further information will be made available here as it is published by
   ICANN, NSI and other participating parties.
   Last Updated: Monday, 25-Oct-1999 21:54:36 EDT By: Ross Wm. Rader 

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