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*candy factory

New Update
Lectures 01 exchange
Test, need shockwave plug in 400k
text " Capital" by Karl Marx  section 1, chapter 2 ,  Exchange,

Let's Trade Bodies /JOHN MILLER
---- game show paintings 2

SIT.COM for Amour & Conscience  installation view  etc.


In 1933, Jack.L.Warner produced a musical movie " Footlight Parade " 
directed by Busby Barkeley who is known as source of Matthew Barney's work
now.  The movie was made to be suitable then U.S governments New deal
policy, this story is about a unemployed stage director by James Cagney. 
In the story, he's unemployed from playhouse for new media in those days,
Moving Pictures.  In the last scene of the movie, we can look big
Roosevelt's face with the Stars and Stripes on the dancers gathered their
flags from a bird's eye view. 

Lately, a famous entrepreneur Steve Ross died after he made Time Warner. 
He was buried at the same place of Jackson Pollock or Harold Rosenberg's
grave.  Now this big enterprise includes CNN , TIME or many famous music
labels or movie companies.  Their brand new western movie is titled (Wild
Wild West) 

SIT.COM for Amour & Conscience

This is an installation at paris as some broken monument for Steve Ross
with old Warner co mark, I put 3 their marks to note ww2 with cheap stick
papers, to open stick side to catch spectator's foot like mouse catcher. 
Do you think is it Interactive too? 

or just Knock off from Asia again?
Send Your Abstract Expression

I heard Time Warner will make their theme park at Japan soon .  Tokyo
triennarle will be soon too with used tourism near the our space candy
factory.  Ongoing many action movies are made with some old european
knight story as samurai picture or Kun fu pictures, then it always makes
new theme park with some monsters.  Art festival or hollywood pictures are
now made with exotic spectacle for healthy zombies of these 2 Western
ideas born in US made by fake americans. 

They were already dead twice as spectacled birth myth of nations.  One is
called Western movie, and another is called contemporary art. 

First time they were dead in NY for their political incorrectness.  Second
time, they were dead in Europe or Asia with fixed some legend into so cial
realism for their political correctness.  Now these grown up to same
function as some sanitarium for therapy of analogy. 

 (Is the hero of  "Once Upon A Time In China " series
 both a doctor and a fighter same as Doc Holiday?)

Next project

at candy factory November 20, 21

Buy your illusion just 15 seconds same time as Network CM

100% nihongo remix  / Ethical Bros.
100% original  / Ethical Bros.
 Les Jaseurs  /  G.H.Hovagimyan + Peter Sinclair
 Let's trade Bodies / John Miller + Takuji Kogo
 Alive with Pleasure / John Miller
 Do you Know me?/  Mouchette
 Nowhere, Never / Varely Grancher
 PC/PC/ Takuji Kogo

Performance.  Omega Trouble
Installation  Takuji KOGO + Kazunari Horiguchi

Anyway, Thanks for your hospitality!

We must still believe Equality / Exchange.
Making party for exchange is our labor.
 We should pretend to believe this, we must decide how much we are through
making equality. 

Let's exchange our dead Bodies just for a while.  Political Correctness is
same price as a PC now. 

If we lost this story, you must lose your identity, even it was made by
any nationalism, race or not.  Now medias are working to hide this fetish
of our unconscious into more underground.  Cultural activities are trying
to make some standard price too. 
 For some exotic senses , with spectacled this old concept into their
Global Counseling In Meditation Life Practices . 

Maybe we, as living media/some of genre of western,
 could pretend to believe Equality / Exchange just15 seconds same time
with network commercial. 
 Even No one believe these legend anymore, You must be for your health in
the end of our genres until another genre pictures will born.  In the
exotic garden for euro trash, we should put a sign bored just like an
tique shop's on the street corner until when we'll forget we are Zombies
aga in. Ciao Western wor(l)d. 

and NEW ART coming soon? 

Here is another project for our soap opera.  Put this text into your
English talking soft.  You can hear " Capital"  by Karl Marx in Japanese
with PC english accent.. 

Shohinwa , jibun jishin de shijo ni ikukotogadekizu, mata jibun jishin de
kokan salerukotomodekinai. Shita gatae wha re wha re wa sono bannin wo,
sunawachi, shohin sho U sya wo sagasanakelebanalanai. Shohin wa mono de
attae, shita gattae ningen nitai shitae mu taiko de alu. Mosi shohin ga
jew jun de nai yo na bawai niwa, ningen wa boryok wo mochiilu kott ga

>>It is plain that commodities cannot go to market and make exchanges of
 their own account.  We must, therefore, have recourse to their guardians,
who are also their owners. Commodities are things, and therefore without
power of resistance against man. If they are wanting in docility he can
use force. 

And do your Lecture for us!  Send your favorite quote for our soap opera
or our TV talk show. 

 at N mark November 26 to December 5 13:00 TO 20:00 only Fri. to Sun 618-2
Jinryo Kasugai city Aichi, postal code: 486-0821 Tel 090-4166-6556

Installation  Takuji KOGO + Kazunari Horiguchi


Takuji KOGO
   mobile 0706 667 5586
   Nishi-Ikebukuro Toshimaku Tokyo Japan
   code 171-0021

*candy factory
   2-131 Hinodecho Nakaku Yokohama Kanagawa Japan

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