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<nettime> mailradek no. 23 (on the state)

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      Text no. 84, part 1

Mailradek's constant reports about interrogations and arrests might seem
strange, for a couple of years ago we were free, pleased and rich, and we
thought it was going to last for long. Now we have to think what to do
about the situation we're in, and not only we, but also the
intelligentsia, because it is about to be in the same condition.  We don't
yet understand that the history is changing before our eyes, that the
things we used to be taught no longer exist, and that we are the ones who
make history.  State repressions can be positive, because they give birth
to the new resistance. Anarchism can only comprehend itself now, when the
enemy's face can be seen, and it is his real face. Now one can see the
cops not by our own will, when arranging an action, but at one's own home,
where they weren' t invited and where they feel themselves comfortable. If
you're searched, interrogated, beated, put in prison, then it's the state. 
Certain methonds are adequate for this new resistance. When choosing them,
no references to the constitution or law are possible, they are to be
ingored even more than they are ignored by the court and FSB. Law and the
way it is applied depend on certain political conditions, our goal is to
create new conditions and social parts. And there are at least two
variants so far: actionist media-politics and direct politics, and
terrorism as one of its forms. 

INFO: The time has come to go on with the <Against all parties> program,
which was launched last autumn. According to the constitution, in case
when the number of votes against all parties exceeds the number of votes
for the party that holds the majority, the elections must be rearranged,
and none of the previous candidates can participate in this case. If it
happens thus, we can seriously damage the whole system, and if not, we
still have a good chance to spread propaganda and raise important issues
concerning our beautiful state. A group of activists which insists on
anonymisation of the radical politics and thus is nameless, is launching a
massive leaflet and actionist agitation campaign. A new compilation of
sociological and political articles under the title <Against all parties>
is going to appear in bookstores and on the mailradek site in November.  A
press conference of eco-activist Vladimir Slivyak, human rights activist
Leo Levinson and lawyer Nicolay Grigoriev took place on the 21 October in
the National Press Institute. First of all the participants reported some
new facts concerning the strange circumstances aroung the arrest of Jacob
Kotchkarev: he was arrested at about 16:00 , and the record was only drawn
at 22:05. Suppose the transportation to the Nizni Novgorod police
department took about an hour, but where was he all the all the time
after? There is a suggestion that at that time he had been giving
evidences involving special means of interrogation. The experts admit that
his condition, as described by the lawyer, very much resembles that of a
man influenced by amenazine (during his first meetings with the lawyer he
didn't say anything except asking for some sugar). It is likely that he
told the FSB investigators something concerning the Krasnodar case and
Moscow explosions, and we clearly understand that he could just approve
any information needed by the judge. It is known that after some
meaningful meetings with the lawyer he rejected all the evidences
concerning the drug charge, which is being investigated by the police, not
by FSB.  It is certain that the intelligence service agents suspect the
nonconformist to at least smoke dope, thus planting a packet of marijuana
is becoming the easiest way to start a case. After the arrest the man is
in their possession, and they can use some special means, threat,
blackmail etc. It is known that the person charged for carrying a small
portion of marijuana is not only kept under arrest for a long time (if
thus, the jailhouses would be overcrowded), but is also being constantly
interrogated by FSB, where he is questioned about many things, but not
drugs.  Larisa Shiptsova is working on organization a human rights
defending group capable of providing the lawyers for a political criminal
cases. Seems like it's an appropriate time for that. 

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