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<nettime> racism, documentation and comparison

Dear All,

Sorry to tire you with the issue of racism in Greece, but I am kind of
intriguied. One of the most familiar experiences one has growing up is
that comparison constitutes ethnic identity.Americn's is what the greek
compare themselves to, English is who they laugh at and Swedish is who
they desire ( I am being un-scholarly here, on purpose). Ms XALKIA DID
EXACTLY THIS: greeks are racist but this is not importnt given that the
British have killed million.  I have found this comparison tiring all my
life, it is the reason for which in the the name of our "country" we are
not allowed to report crimes. Treatment of immigrants in Greece is
criminal, I can provide anybody with evidence for that, treatment of
immmigrant by the media is racist I can provide evidence of that also. ( I
am not doing that now, but try renting a house as a foreigner in Greece
and you will find most adverts state " no foreigners") 

But I am to think that Mumia's penalty erases the above situation because
after all American's are worse and that comparison is all we need to be

Finnaly I have to mention that "madness" is a term that can not cover
racial hatred, there is nothing "mad" about being a fanatic. And this
notion of "madness" singles out this event so that we can not talk about
systemic racism but only of a one of incident



p.s. where I live does not interest any debate, I might be Polish, myself,
or American or Albanian and still have every right to express opinion and
until more Greeks get the guts to do so I will be singled out like an
"inaccurate " non-indigenous reporter ! Anybody interested I can provide
you with the testimony of more than 500 Albanian immigrant abused by the
police (anonimously of course). 

Korinna Patelis
Department of Media and Communications
Goldsmiths College-London-SE14 6NW
DIRECT LINE 0171-9197243

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