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<nettime> [wg-c] Fwd: Call Congress - Stop H.R. 3028, The "Cyberpiracy" Act

>This post concerns a matter of great importance to Internet Users.
>Please circulate widely until November 15, 1999. Attach your own
>note in support. Please do not spam. Your help is appreciated!
>  STOP H.R. 3028 - Protect the Net - Stop the Trademark Monopolists
>                             ACTION ALERT
>   - Protect the rights of Internet domain names holders!
>   - Stop the trademark monopolists from going after
>     innocent Internet users, noncommercial organizations
>     and small businesses!
>    The House of Representatives is about to vote on legislation
>    that would grant sweeping new powers for trademark holders and
>    undermine the rights of domain name holders, Internet users,
>    and small businesses.  H.R. 3028 "The Trademark Cyberpiracy
>    Prevention Act of 1999" will also establish unprecedented
>    ability for trademark holders to sue Internet users all around
>    the world. And H.R. 32028 will undermine a fair and carefully
>         crafted international consensus on the resolution of Internet
>         name disputes. It's a bad bill and it should be stopped.
>         The House of Representatives may vote on H.R. 3028 as early as
>    Tuesday, October 26, 1999.
>    There is a chance to stop HR 3028. It has very few sponsors
>    and has moved quietly through Congress, mostly under the radar
>    of organizations and businesses that have worked to promote
>    the growth of the Internet.  Also, Congress will soon break
>    for Thanksgiving.
>    But you have to act!
>    It is vitally important for you to contact your Representative
>    in Congress and explain politely but firmly that you hope that
>    your Representative will VOTE AGAINST H.R. 3028
>      Here is a quick guide to Calling Your Congressman
>      1. Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard (202-224-3121) and
>         ask to speak to your Congressman. (Don't know who your
>         Congressman is? Ok, go to
>      2. When you reach the office say to the person who answers
>         the phone:
>    "Hello, I'm a registered voter in the district of Congressman
>    <name>. I'm calling because I hope he/she will vote against
>    H.R. 3028, 'The Cyberpiracy Act.' I don't like cyberpirates,
>          but I believe this bill will hurt ALL domain name holders on
>          the Internet, including small businesses, noncommercial
>          organizations and individuals. Will you please tell the
>          Congressman that I asked him/her to vote against H.R. 3028?
>          Thanks."
>        Here are all the things you just did in 30 seconds:
>        - You made clear that you're a voter in the Congressman's
>          District (they'll listen to you!)
>        - You said clearly that you are against a bill and you gave
>          the bill number and the title of the bill (it's important to
>          give both!)
>        - You gave the Congressman a good reason to vote against
>          H.R. 3028 (Members of Congress like good reasons for votes)
>        - You asked for a commitment to convey your position to the
>          Congressman (you want to be taken seriously)
>        - You were polite (always a plus)
>        - If you leave your name and address, that will make your call
>          even more effective (you might even get a letter)
>     3. If you like, you can also send an email to your Representative
>        with a new service offered at the House web site -- check
>        out
>     4. If you're still energized to do something, ask a friend or
>        neighbor who also lives in your district to make the same
>        call. You can also call the office of the Chairman of the
>        Rules Committee Congressman David Dreier and tell his
>        staffperson that you oppose H.R. 3028 and hope that Mr.
>        Dreier will put off a vote on the bill until the problems
>        are fixed.
>     5. If you want to learn more about the problems with H.R. 3028,
>        look at the excellent letter from computer users and legal
>        experts. Also, visit Thomas and check out the bill and the
>        history.
>    Information about H.R. 3028, including the Text of the bill
>    Information about the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
>    Letter from ACM, Legal Experts on Problems with H.R. 3028
>   STOP H.R. 3028 - Protect the Net - Stop the Trademark Monopolists

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