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<nettime> killing immigrants in Greece

Greek racism against "xenous", foreigners has existed on an institutional
and non-institutional levels for decades. Only the last 10 years it has
manifested itself more brutally then ever before. What I am writing is a
cliched reminder of what we know, but entertain me for a while, the
incident I am about to describe is clearly tragic. 

Two weeks ago Gree played Albania in footboall, and greek fans burnt the
albanian flag, the Albanians did the same in retaliation. 

Yesterday a greek man was arrested for the killing of 2 immigrants and the
serious wounding of another 7. He was really sorry that the 2 poeple he
killed where not Albanian but Kourdish and Egiptian. He stated that his
mission is to kill as many alabanians and foreiners he can and that he
will do this in jail as well and that the Greek public will declare him a
hero. He was sent to clear , and clean things up, since the greek poeple
have had enough. 

This story leaves me speachless, but what leaves me even more speachless
is tht ina country where the media adore blood and violence, the greek
papers have refuse to actuualy make a big fuss out of the story. It was
report in page 100 in the most "left" wing mainstream paper and barely in
the others. 

Nobody is in any chock as to what has happened and this is because they
know that the only thing that fear of violence will lead to is more
protection from the police and since the police is racist ( on the whole ) 
this would be a dead end. 

I can not really say anything more, I am only curious to ask wether this
was reported abroad. 


Korinna Patelis
Department of Media and Communications
Goldsmiths College-London-SE14 6NW
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