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<nettime> Proposal for Meeting in Florence, 19 - 21 Nov

19th-20th-21th NOVEMBER

The next 19 and 20 november Clinton, D'Alema, Blair, Jospin, Schroeder
will meet in Florence: a summit that is intended to give an image of
"progressists" who rule in almost every most powerful country (the
so-called G8); they will continue to rule the future political events. 
Some of these leader like to call their politics as a "third way", but
they don't in any way represent an alternative to the capitalist single
model which submits all of wo/mankind: they carry out the politics imposed
by global institutions, such as the IMF, the WB, the WTO, they are the
real "decisional base" of macroeconomic management to forward and control
the process of capitalist accumulation. The politics of structural
adjustment imposed by the International Monetary Found and the World Bank
completely destroyed the economic situation of the 3rd and 4th world and
have also, in a different way, been imposed on the countries of the OSCE,
using the same recipes: prices liberalization, liberalization of capital
transactions and bargains, privatization of all public companies, social
welfare conversion to support business, demolition of labor cost and of
social legislation. Clinton and Bush, D'Alema and Berlusconi, Blair and
Thatcher, Schroeder and Kohl, Jospin and Chirac are the leaders of
"opposite" sides, but they work towards the same project: "the single
model of globalization". All government decisions have been made by
financial bargain, by the international banks, transnational '"groups" 
with the WTO (World Trade Organization) which controls the international
business for their own profit. 

The Moody statistics reports that the 358 most powerful people of the
world hold 45% of the entire wo/mankind's wealth - 2 billions and 300
millions people. 

Military and political restraint sustained and accompanied economic
repression. "The king, one more time, is nude" in front of this real
state. He doesn't talk about hopes; Clinton, Blair, D'Alema & company are
the planners of this project. 

The future they propose to us is an economic genocide, social apartheid,
war as an instrument of imposition and resolution of the inter-capitalist

We believe that on these days in Florence we can and must launch a
fundamental part of the fight against the rule of the IMF and WB, against
the submission of wo/mankind to the capitalist production system. We are
sure that during these three days we can elaborate enriched discussion and
analysis about the landscapes of the new millennium. 

These will be three days in which we will have the chance to compare the
political ways and the perspectives of liberation developed by every
social and political antagonist movement; to make new and strong
connections between them for an international furthering of the struggle,
even more for the upcoming struggles in Europe and for example the
work-summit in Lisbon next June. 

Within these three days there will be an important and large demonstration
and a moment in which we can take the opportunity to give life to meetings
and internal networking about common experiences (auto-organization inside
work places, urban struggle, fight against sexism, actions against
genetically manipulated organisms and techno-genetics, internationalist

During the three days the real players of the fight against neoliberalism
will meet, auto-organized trade unions, antagonist movements, the
organizers of the counter-summit in Cologne, of the demonstration in
Amsterdam and so on, the African, Asian, American, Oceanian struggle
movements' best representatives in Europe. 


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