Simon Biggs on Mon, 18 Oct 1999 08:50:04 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Mainstream Media on Hacktivism

Geert wrote:
>The following article appeared in London's Guardian newspaper online
>section today. As mainstream media articles on Echelon and especially
>Hacktivism go, it is surprising for its adherence to the facts (as far as
>I can tell). Even the mistakes the list has published have been reported
>ad verbum. This is certainly an encouragement as far as media portrayal of
>online activism goes. No mention of cyberterrorism and so on. In fact it
>looks like a very well researched article.


>>From the "Guardian", 14/10/99:
>Is Big Brother watching you?
>Neil McIntosh on the backlash against electronic espionage
>Thursday October 14, 1999
My guess is that Neil McIntosh might be a pseudonym...he has run a number
of interesting pieces lately in the Guardian Online section, sniffing
around various things, usually on the ball. But I cannot remember him being
a regular journalist in the section. He seems to have appeared recently,
and deals with "sensitive" pieces only (often contrast
with the sections editor Jack Schofield). Might be the Guardian protecting
themselves. I can think of a couple of people writing for them that would
know all the stuff he is writing about but would not like others to know
that it is them that know it.

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London GB

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