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<nettime> city of london police web page with j18 pix asks for IDs


                                City Police

    Your help is needed to identify and locate the suspects depicted in
                the photographs on the following web pages.
   On 18 June 1999 a demonstration billed as The Carnival Against
   Capitalism took place in central London. Approximately 23 groups took
   part, the largest being Reclaim the Streets. The demonstration started
   at 7am in the City of London, when a number of groups met up on
   bicycles, then set out to cause congestion by riding very slowly
   around the City in a large group, effectively blocking main

   The other groups met up at different times and locations throughout
   the City and central London, culminating in the groups massing at
   Liverpool Street Station at midday, at which time the crowd numbered
   approximately 6,000. The demonstration had been largely peaceful up to
   this point. The crowd split into three groups and made its way, taking
   different routes, to the London International Financial Futures
   Exchange (LIFFE) Building, Dowgate Hill. On route to the LIFFE
   building, the crowd became aggressive. They attacked police officers
   and persons who were not part of the demonstration. They attacked
   premises, causing serious damage and stealing property. 
   Once massed at the LIFFE building, they tried to storm first this
   building and then, after being repelled, other buildings in the
   vicinity. They caused massive criminal damage. This carried on for
   several hours during which police fought with the crowd to regain
   control. At about 6pm, the crowd made its way to Trafalgar Square,
   causing more damage on the way, where it started to disperse later
   that evening. 
   The investigation into the offences committed that day has been code
   named Operation Enterprise. Hundreds of video tapes and thousands of
   still photographs shot on the day have been scanned to identify
   persons committing offences. Some of this evidence supports the case
   against persons already charged. A number of persons have been
   identified since 18 June, but there are numerous others still to be
   The following pages show photographs of: 

     * persons wanted for offences committed on that day who are
       currently unidentified
     * persons who have been identified but not traced
     * those who have been arrested, charged with offences, released on
       bail and subsequently failed to appear at court
   Any information you can give as to their identity or current
   whereabouts will be greatly appreciated and acted upon in the
   strictest confidence. 
   All information, intelligence and queries should be directed to the
   incident room during office hours on 020 7601 2850, fax 020 7601 2878,
   outside normal hours to the main City of London switchboard on 020
   7601 2222 or to postmaster@city-of-london.police.uk . Alternatively,
   contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. 
   To the photographs

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