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<nettime> (fwd, <love@cptech.org>): correspondence re ICANN candidate

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Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 12:14:14 -0400
From: James Love <love@cptech.org>
To: RANDOM-BITS <random-bits@essential.org>
Subject: AT&T: Your help is needed immediately to help Rick White 
         get elected to the ICANN board

If ICANN is only going to do boring and unimportant technical work, why
does a former US Congressman want to run for its board of directors, and
why does AT&T, Microsoft and others lobby so hard to put their people on
the board of directors? 

This is from AT&T's Marilyn Cade's campaign efforts... 


"Cade,Marilyn S - LGA" <mcade@att.com> on 10/07/99 04:08:50 PM

To:   'Danny Weitzner' <djw@cdt.org>, 'Dave Fares' <dfares@uscib.org>,
      'David Olive' <dolive@udc.fujitsu.com>, 'Dennis Jennings'
      <Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie>, 'Don Telage' <don@telage.com>, 'Ed
      Behrens' <behrens.el@pg.com>, Ed J. Black/Ccianet, 'Fritz Attaway'
      <Fritz_Attaway@mpaa.org>, 'Gordon Ross' <gordonr@netnanny.com>,
      'Glee Harrah Cady-Alexa' <glee@alexa.com>, 'Greg Garcia'
      <greg.garcia@computerprivacy.org>, 'Greg Phillips'
      <GDP@HPALAW.COM>, "'Gymer, Keith'" <gymerk@hlcec1.agw.bt.co.uk>,
      "'hmiller@itaa.org'" <hmiller@itaa.org>, "'jalhade@ibm.net'" 
      <jalhade@ibm.net>, "'jackk@microsoft.com'" <jackk@microsoft.com>, 
      "'Jason D.Oxman'" <joxman@covad.com>, 'Joe Alhadeff' 
      <jalhadef@us.oracle.com>, "'John C. Lewis, BT'" <john.c.lewis@bt.com>, 
      'John Logalbo' <john@psi.com>, 'John Montjoy' <montjoyj@aol.com>, 
      'jon england' <jon.england@excitehome.net>, 'Jon Englund'
      <Jon.Englund@excitehome.net>, 'Judith Krug' <jkrug@ala.org>,
      'Karen Possner' <Possner.Karen@bsc.bls.com>, 'Keith Gymer'
      <keith.gymer@btinternet.com>, "'Ken Whitaker (LCA)'"
      <kenwh@microsoft.com>, 'Kristen Verderame'
      <Kristen@dcwash1.btna.com>, 'Lee Chinitz-Motorola'
      <clc011@email.mot.com>, 'Linda Dadamio' <ldadamio@ford.com>,
      "'Lucey, Anne'" <Anne.Lucey@viacom.com>, "'Marc Berejka (LCA)'"
      <mberejka@microsoft.com>, 'Maryann Mccormick' <mccormickm@attmail.com>, 
      'Maura Colleton' <maura.colleton@wcom.com>, "'McClellan, Donald'" 
      <Mccledon@Gateway.com>, 'Mike Kirk' <mkirk@aipla.org>, 'Mike Heltzer' 
      <mheltzer@inta.org>, "'mpearl@itaa.org'" <mpearl@itaa.org>, 
      "'mtimmeny@cisco.com'" <mtimmeny@cisco.com>, 'Ollie Smoot' 
      <osmoot@itic.org>, 'Paul Kane' <paul.kane@IO.IO>, 'Paul Resnick' 
      <presnick@umich.edu>, 'Philip Sheppard' <philip.sheppard@aim.be>, 
      'PSWG' <PSWG@listserv.aol.com>, "'RCollet@Teleglobe.CA'" 
      <RCollet@Teleglobe.CA>, 'Rick Lane' <rlane@uschamber.com>, 'Roger 
      Cochetti' <rogerc@us.ibm.com>, 'Sally Davis' <sldavis@hldickler.com>, 
      "'Sarah B. Deutsch'" <SARAH_B.DEUTSCH@bellatlantic.com>, 'Sheila 
      O'Neill' <soneill@itaa.org>, 'Steve Metalitz' <metalitz@iipa.com>,
      "'sue@internet2.edu'" <sue@internet2.edu>, 'Susan McFee'
      <smcfee@ford.com>, "'TCASEY/0002018157@MCIMAIL.COM'"
      <"TCASEY/0002018157"@MCIMAIL.COM>, "'Tim D. Casey'"
      <0002018157@MCIMAIL.COM>, 'Tom Barrett-CTO-NetNames'
cc:   'Dave Pine' <pine@corp.home.net>, jberman
      <internet!cdt.org!jberman@attmail>, "'jberman@cdt.org'"
      <jberman@cdt.org>, 'Peter Schalestock' <Schap@PerkinsCoie.com>

Subject:  Your help is needed immediately to help Rick White get elected
          to the ICANN board

Rick White, former Republican Congressman, Washington, has been nominated
by Jerry Berman for the ICANN Board seats to be elected by the Names
Council.  AT&T and other commercial companies also support his candidacy,
and your help is needed immediately. 

Please consider endorsing Rick's candidacy by going to www//dnso.org and
going down to the endorsement section.  Rick needs as many endorsements
from as wide a variety of players as possible to help to show that he can
draw support from a broad number of constituencies. 

It is essential that you take the step of supporting him today and early
tomorrow. The ability to make a difference ends tomorrow and we need to
ensure that he has the needed endorsements - at least 10; the more, the
better. I am also working with Barbara Dooley to gry to get ISP
endorsements from other countries, and have asked Sheila O'Neill, ITAA, to
help with WITSA members.... 

Tomorrow, at around 11:15 a.m. EST, we'll have Rick on a call to talk to
anyone interested in "meeting" him electronically and talking about your
concerns about the board issues which ICANN will deal with. IF you haven't
received the call in number through other sources, send an email back to
my secretary; shown in the cc line as Cynthia Whiting. She'll get it to
you immediately. 


I know that Rick will appreciate your help.

"Cade,Marilyn S - LGA" <mcade@att.com> on 10/07/99 07:19:16 PM

To:   'Allen Davidson' <abd@cdt.org>, 'Allen Miller'
      <allen.miller@oga.eds.com>, "'ARTHUR.SACKLER@twi.com'"
      <ARTHUR.SACKLER@twi.com>, 'Barbara Dooley' <bdooley@cix.org>,
      "'bill.poulos@eds.com'" <bill.poulos@eds.com>, 'Blair Levin'
      <BlairLevin@aol.com>, "'Bramson, Jim'" <jimbramson@aol.com>, 'Bret
      Fausett' <baf@fausett.com>, 'Brian Adkins' <badkins@itic.nw.dc.us>,
      'Brian Adkins' <badkins@itic.org>, "'Bridget P. Cosgrove'"
      <bridget.cosgrove@etsi.fr>, 'CABASE-Antonio Harris'
      <harris@cabase.org.ar>, "'cantrellj@mail.dnb.com'"
      <cantrellj@mail.dnb.com>, 'Christiaan van der valk'
      <christiaan.vandervalk@iccwbo.org>, "'Cohen, Tod'"
      <Tod_Cohen@mpaa.org>, 'Daniel Weitzner' <djweitzner@w3.org>,
      'Daphne Yong D'herve' <daphne.yongdherve@iccwbo.org>, 'Dave Fares'
      <dfares@uscib.org>, 'David Fares' <uscib14@pop.interport.net>,
      'David Olive' <dolive@udc..fujitsu.com>, "'Day, Ruth'"
      <IMCEAMS-LGAMAIL_NJ0FP2PO1_rday@lga.att.com>, 'Ed Behrens'
      <behrens.el@pg.com>, Ed J. Black/Ccianet, "'Elhardt, Harry'"
      <Harry.Elhardt@emea.att.com>, 'Fritz Attaway'
      <Fritz_Attaway@mpaa.org>, 'Greg Phillips' <GDP@HPALAW.COM>,
      "'Gymer, Keith'" <gymerk@hlcec1.agw.bt.co.uk>, "'hmiller@itaa.org'"
      <hmiller@itaa.org>, "'internet!isoc.org!heath@attmail'"
      <internet!isoc.org!heath@attmail>, "'internet!wdc.fujitsu.com!dolive'"
      <jalhade@ibm.net>, "'Jason D.Oxman'" <joxman@covad.com>, 'jberman'
      <internet!cdt.org!jberman@attmail>, "'jberman@cdt.org'"
      <jberman@cdt.org>, 'Jenny' <jennyambrozek@classic.msn.com>, 'Joe
      Alhadeff' <jalhadef@us.oracle.com>, "'John C. Lewis, BT'"
      <john.c.lewis@bt.com>, 'John Logalbo' <john@psi.com>, 'John
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      'jon england' <jon.england@excitehome.net>, 'Jon Englund'
      <Jon.Englund@excitehome.net>, 'Jonathan Cohen' <scaf@idealaw.com>,
      'Jonathan Moskin' <Moskinj@PENNIE.com>, 'karen corbitt Saunders'
      <NYNEX@vub.ac.be>, 'Karen Possner' <Possner.Karen@bsc.bls.com>,
      'Keith Gymer' <keith.gymer@btinternet.com>, "'Ken Whitaker (LCA)'"
      <kenwh@microsoft.com>, 'Kristen Verderame'
      <Kristen@dcwash1.btna.com>, 'Leslie Dunlap'
      <leslie.dunlap@cwusa.com>, 'Linda Dadamio' <ldadamio@ford.com>,
      "'Lucey, Anne'" <Anne.Lucey@viacom.com>, "'Marc Berejka (LCA)'"
      <mberejka@microsoft.com>, 'Maryann Mccormick'
      <mccormickm@attmail.com>, "'McClellan, Donald'"
      <Mccledon@Gateway.com>, 'Mike Heltzer' <mheltzer@inta.org>, 'Mike
      Kirk' <mkirk@aipla.org>, 'mpearl' <internet!itaa.org!mpearl@attmail>,
      "'mpearl@itaa.org'" <mpearl@itaa.org>, "'mtimmeny@cisco.com'"
      <mtimmeny@cisco.com>, 'Paul Kane' <paul.kane@IO.IO>, 'Peter
      Schalestock' <Schap@PerkinsCoie.com>, 'Phil Bond'
      <pbond@itic.nw.dc.us>, 'PSWG' <PSWG@listserv.aol.com>, 'Rick Lane'
      <rlane@uschamber.com>, 'Roger Cochetti' <rogerc@us.ibm.com>, 'Ruth
      Day' <rday@ilpf.org>, 'Sally Davis' <sldavis@hldickler.com>,
      "'Sarah B. Deutsch'" <SARAH_B.DEUTSCH@bellatlantic.com>, "'Sanford C.
      Reback'" <"SCREBACK/0002132116"@MCIMAIL.COM>, 'Scott Purcell-Epoch'
      <spurcell@eni.net>, "'Stephanie_Stitzer@aeanet.org'"
      <Stephanie_Stitzer@aeanet.org>, 'Steve Metalitz'
      <metalitz@iipa.com>, 'Steven Bellovin' <smb@research.att.com>, 
      'Susan Fratkin' <sue@internet2.edu>, 'Susan McFee' <smcfee@ford.com>,
      "'TCASEY/0002018157@MCIMAIL.COM'" <"TCASEY/0002018157"@MCIMAIL.COM>,
      "'Tim D. Casey'" <0002018157@MCIMAIL.COM>,
      <"TSWINEHART/0002131750"@MCIMAIL.COM>, "'Varney, Christine A.'"
cc:   'Dave Pine' <pine@corp.home.net>, 'Dennis Jennings'
      <Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie>, 'Peter Dengate Thrush'
      <pdthrush@chambers.gen.nz>, 'Dennis Jennings'
      <Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie>, 'Peter Schalestock'
      <Schap@PerkinsCoie.com>, 'Rick White' <WhitR@PerkinsCoie.com>

Subject:  conference call with Board Candidates

The proposed conference call with the ICANN board candidates is scheduled
for at least two, and possibly three candidates: Call begins at 11:00 a.m.
with introductions and a discussion/agreement on the general questions
which folks want to ask so we can ensure an efficient use of their time
and ability to respond to as many questions as possible. 

Each candidate is asked to make a short statement, I suggest you visit
dnso.org and read their statements ahead of time if possible.  then we'll
do moderated Q and A for the time we have left. 

Rick White, US      11:15 - a.m.

11: 45 a.m.  Tentative:  Dennis Jennings may be able to join us to discuss
Carl Bildt, Europe's candidacy. Carl is returning from Bosnia and unable
to participate in person, but I've asked Dennis if he might join us to
just discuss this a bit.  This is tentative and will be confirmed tomorrow

Jonathan Cohen, Canada 12:10 p.m.  Jonathan has a conflict until around
12, but will join as soon as possible after that. 

Tentative: One of the L.American Candidates might be available at 12: 30
p.m. Still working on. 

Thanks, Marilyn

     Dial-in info. for the conference call tomorrow, Friday, 10/8; at
11:00 a.m. EDT is as follows:

     Dial-in #:     XXX XXX XXXXX

     Code:          XXX-XXXXX

     Any problems with the above dial-in information, please don't
hesitate to call Cynthia Whiting on 202-457-3887.

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> From:   Cade,Marilyn S - LGA
> Sent:   Sunday, October 03, 1999 11:38 PM
> To:     'Allen Davidson'; 'Allen Miller'; 'ARTHUR.SACKLER@twi.com';
> Dooley'; 'bill.poulos@eds.com'; 'Blair Levin'; 'Bramson, Jim'; 'Bret
> Fausett'; 'Brian Adkins'; 'Brian Adkins'; 'Bridget P. Cosgrove';
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> Keith'; 'hmiller@itaa.org'; 'internet!isoc.org!heath@attmail';
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> 'John C. Lewis, BT'; 'John Logalbo'; 'John Montjoy'; 'John Wood-KPMG';
> 'jon england'; 'Jon Englund'; 'Jonathan Cohen'; 'Jonathan Moskin'; 'karen
> corbitt Saunders'; 'Karen Possner'; 'Keith Gymer'; 'Ken Whitaker (LCA)';
> 'Kristen Verderame'; 'Leslie Dunlap'; 'Linda Dadamio'; 'Lucey, Anne';
> 'Marc Berejka (LCA)'; 'Maryann Mccormick'; 'McClellan, Donald'; 'Mike
> Heltzer'; 'Mike Kirk'; 'mpearl'; 'mpearl@itaa.org'; 'mtimmeny@cisco.com';
> 'Paul Kane'; 'Peter Schalestock'; 'Phil Bond'; 'PSWG'; 'Rick Lane';
> Cochetti'; 'Ruth Day'; 'Sally Davis'; 'Sarah B. Deutsch'; 'Sanford C.
> Reback'; 'Scott Purcell-Epoch'; 'Stephanie_Stitzer@aeanet.org'; 'Steve
> Metalitz'; Steven Bellovin; 'Susan Fratkin'; 'Susan McFee';
> 'TCASEY/0002018157@MCIMAIL.COM'; 'Tim D. Casey';
> 'TSWINEHART/0002131750@MCIMAIL.COM'; 'Varney, Christine A.'
> Cc:     'Dave Pine'; 'Dennis Jennings'; 'Peter Dengate Thrush'
> Subject:     Are you interested in a "conference call/meet and greet",
> with some of the prospective board candidates for the ICANN Board?
> The following memo outlines some critical time frames, and seeks your
> active engagement and involvement.
> ICANN elections of the Names Council representatives from several of the
> constituencies are taking place this week ( see separate email); some of
> the constituencies will accept the 90 day grace period and not elect new
> members, but the business constituency is holding elections, and I urge
> you to participate in the business constituency election and to make a
> commitment to get to know the candidates. (see separate email to those of
> you who are business constituency members).
> Once these elections are held, we then proceed with the election of the
> three Board members from the Names Council next week..... this is a
> critical time for you to check in with the dnso.org web site and see who
> has been nominated, and consider lending your support to selected
> candidates. You may not know some of the candidates, but there are several
> ways to l earn more about a candidate. First, check out who is supporting
> candidates, and keep checking. Many of the candidates will be gaining
> support from different constituencies as they reach out and communicate
> with the participants of various constituencies.  Also, read the
> statements of the candidates... but keep checking. You'll note that some
> candidates haven't yet accepted-when they accept they will post a
> statement which will be helpful to you in understanding their views and
> perspective.
> I will share the views which we recommend that the PSWG companies and the
> associations support as criteria for board candidates:  We should all urge
> that the NC representatives who vote look to see whether candidates have
> broad/cross-constituency support.  While it seems obvious, no single
> constituency can have a "designated" board member, nor should they seek to
> push that agenda.
> Board members must be able to take a statespersonlike role; be able to
> listen and assimilate input from multiple Constituencies, and not be
> "beholden" to any single (or couple of) of constituencies.
> Board candidates must have the kind of experience which will enable them
> to grapple successfully with the fiduciary responsibilities of being a
> board member; ideally, they will have previous experience on boards at
> some level; demonstrate the qualities of being able to assess situations,
> take input, and make tough decisions. You might whether you could envision
> a particular board member dialoguing with a member of Congress, or the
> European Commission about key issues related to ICANN, for instance.  I
> suggest that you give consideration to the criteria of "working well with
> others" in a public setting. This is a tough challenge, but we do require
> that the ICANN board be independent thinkers, and yet that they look to
> the Names Council l, the working groups, and to the General assembly for
> guidance.  They need to have the time and resources to devote to being a
> working board member. This may change in future iterations of the board,
> but for now, envision board members who are able to devote time to
> assessing prepared reports from working groups and who are significantly
> interested in private sector governance that they are willing to help to
> build and support ICANN during this extended period of building
> participation and support.
> What can you learn about a candidate:
> Not everyone has accepted, so you should check back by around Wednesday to
> see who else has been nominated, and what the statements of support look
> like. Also, I suggest that you read the statements of the candidates.
> Remember, they won't be posted until the candidate accepts, and they need
> to assess their support before accepting, so keep checking.
> And finally, you should ensure that you are a member of the relevant
> constituencies and that you vote, and consult with your elected NC
> representatives.  For instance, you might be both a member of the IP
> constituency and of the business constituency, or of both the ISP and the
> business constituency.
> While it seems complex, it is essential that you learn about this process
> and actively participate.  Decisions are moving ahead that can have
> significant impact on your company or non profit organization and your
> participation can make a difference and add balance and ensure that
> thoughtful decisions are made.
> Getting acquainted with Board Candidates:  When I returned from Santiago,
> Chile, I made an offer to candidates who are of interest to three of the
> four constituencies that AT&T is a member of: registrar; ISP, business and
> IP (pending via PSWG application) to host meet and greets/conference calls
> for them to speak to the "electorate".
> Last week, I hosted a meet and greet in Washington for Peter Dengate
> Thrush, a candidate for the ICANN board, who happened to be in D.C. and
> was interested in talking to many of you. Thanks to those of you who
> participated.  Peter has returned to New Zealand, but would be happy to
> talk to anyone who didn't get to speak to him via email, I'm sure.
> Two candidates are considering "running" and have contacted me about such
> a call/meet and greet. I've confirmed with the ISPs; a few business
> companies, and will seek interest from both registrars and IP companies
> but it appears that if either is nominated, that it would be appropriate
> to host a conf. call or meeting.
> Further, below is information about a candidate who has just been
> nominated by Dennis Jennings.  He has an excellent c.v., and offers the
> qualities which we believe are essential in a board candidate: openness to
> involvement in process and procedures which can ensure stability of the
> transition to private sector management of protocol, addressing and names,
> and the ability to work across multiple constituencies.  He brings some
> unique experiences to his candidacy, as you can see from Dennis' posting
> of his recommendation.  I have also indicated my support for his
> candidacy.
> The nomination process closes shortly, and voting will begin immediately.
> If you are interested in a conference call opportunity to speak to one or
> more of the candidates, IF I can get their time, please let me know, and
> if I get enough interest, I'll work on scheduling. I envision a maximum 2
> hour time frame; with separate 30 - 45 minutes time frames for the
> candidates who meet the criteria .
> But I will only sponsor the call IF I get confirmations of 10-12 of you...
> otherwise, it isn't useful to either the candidates or you.
> I think it is important to get to know the candidates so you can offer
> your guidance to the elected members of the Names Council on how you want
> them to vote during the actual elections.
> As many of you are aware, the NC representatives themselves will be
> elected just before they start voting on the board candidates; that makes
> it essential that each constituency develop suggestions and guidelines
> their NC representatives, to give them support and input on how they vote
> so that they are able to represent their constituency. This is a
> challenging time for our NC representatives, and our flexibility and input
> and participation will be essential to ensure that we have an effective
> and representative election.
> I'll look forward to hearing back from you if you can commit to a call IF
> I can get the candidates "online" as well. Let me be clear; each candidate
> would be speaking on a conf. call with you separately. I do not believe
> that it is effective to have multiple candidates on the call at the same
> time so this will be scheduled with all of us on the call, and separate
> time slots for each candidate.
> Subject to candidate availability:
> Possible time frames: Wednesday, October 6: 11:00 a.m. (5:00 p.m. Europe)
>                  Thursday, October 7:     10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
> (4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Europe)
>                  Friday, October 8:           9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
> (3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Europe)
> I prefer to select one time slot, based on maximum availability. I have
> not considered earlier than 9:00 a.m. because some of our participants are
> on the U.S. West Coast...
> Marilyn Cade
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> From:   Cade,Marilyn S - LGA
> Sent:   Sunday, October 03, 1999 10:34 PM
> To:     'ICANN-Nominations'
> Subject:     support of Carl Bildt for ICANN Board Seat-Europe
>  1. Full Name: Marilyn Cade
> 2. E-mail address: mcade@att.com
> 3. Organization you work for (if apply): AT&T
> 4. Name of person being nominated or supported:  Carl Bildt
> Carl Bildt:
> Carl Bildt is a major international statesman, especially well known in
> Europe and the US for his contributions to the peace negotiations in
> Yugoslavia.  He was the EU Special Representative and later High
> Representative in Bosnia from 1995 to 1997.  He now serves as Special
> Envoy to the Balkans for Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General.
> He is a former Prime Minister, a Member of Parliament from 1979, and for
> many years a leading politician in Sweden.  As Prime Minister, he
> negotiated and signed the treaty on Sweden's membership of the European
> Union.  He has now retired from politics to concentrate of other issues.
> He is particularly interested in technology, especially the Internet and
> electronic commerce, and in the impact of recent rapid technology
> development on global society.  He has spearheaded public efforts in
> Scandinavia to bring attention to the importance of the Internet and the
> impact on societies of information technologies.
> Carl Bildt speaks a number of languages, and is highly regarded in Europe,
> the United States and around the world.

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