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Re: <nettime> (fwd) IPv6 standard to include unique identifier in all packets

t byfield <> writes:

>    Where's All The Outrage About The IPv6 Privacy Threat?
>    Bill Frezza

For a round of rebuttals see:


To summarize:

1. Using the MAC address is only a suggestion and not a requirements. 
   It saves some complexity when it comes to configuring hosts.  There
   are plenty of other methods to ensure a unique address.

2. You can already get the MAC address of most hosts on the network
   using straight ole IPv4.

3. Obviously not all hosts have ethernet connections and MAC

4. Most OSs allow you to spoof MAC addresses (not reccomended cause it
   can lead to all sorts trouble if you get a collision).

The rest of the article is bullshit too, apparently just some shit
being stirred up by some money-grubber.

Wow, Cerf and all the IETF ueber geeks have recruited the entire community
of Slashdot reader to be their stoolies as they usher in the new Big

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