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Issue: Arts Online
A look at Ascii art, pictures made from precisely arranged letters,
numbers and punctuation marks, and how it can be used corroboratively
online. "One aspect of Ascii art that is compelling to a lot of people
right now is its difference from the ray-tracing images that are often
described in some circles as computer art," said artist Andy C. Deck.
Using Ascii "is a flag indicating an attitude that image-making with
computers is not merely the technical pursuit of creating the perfect
simulation."  At the same time, Deck said, there is a forward-thinking
element in working with Ascii. "To use it as an artist," he said, "is a
rejection of the idea that art with computers needs to be some sort of
simulation of the painting process. So many of the paint-oriented programs
have little buckets and brushes, and the use of Ascii may signal a move
away from those metaphors." Ascii, which stands for "American Standard
Code for Information Interchange," was created in 1963 as a standardized
way of storing textual information in digital form. The term is now used
to refer to plain text without any fancy formatting or graphics. Long
before there was a Web or HTML, people created Ascii art as a way to
include images in their e-mail. To see Ascii art, visit these sites:
Icontext (

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ASICII ART & Quote via Ted Nellen 8-)

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