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<nettime> FW: Request for Abstracts: INET 2000

From: Internet Society <membership@ISOC.ORG>
Subject: Request for Abstracts:  INET 2000
Date: Thu, Aug 19, 1999, 9:31 AM

Dear Friend,

INET 2000:  The Internet Global Summit, is a special INET.  Hosted by the
Internet Society, the Summit will be held 18-21 July 2000, in Yokohama,
Japan.  The place, the date, and the fact that it is the 10th anniversary
of this important event all mark it as an exceptional year. 

To be considered as a speaker, panelist, tutorial instructor, or poster
presenter, please see
for submission instructions and to read about this year's theme, "Global
Distributed Knowledge for Everyone." 

INET is the premier international event for Internet and internetworking
professionals.  Nowhere can such a broad cross-section of important movers
of the Internet be found in one single location. 

We look forward to receiving your abstract and seeing you in Japan! 


Jean-Claude Guedon & Jun Murai
Co-Chairs, INET 2000 Program Committee
Ms. Torryn P. Brazell, ACA
Director, Conferences & Education
Internet Society - International Secretariat
11150 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 100
Reston, VA 20190-5321
Office:  +1 703 326 9880
Fax:  +1 703 326 9881
Home Office:  +1 703 648 9023
Make plans now for:
INET 2000, Yokohama, Japan, 18-21 July 2000,
NDSS 2000, San Diego, California, February 2-4,
"The Internet is for Everyone!"

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