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Re: <nettime> First Things First

At 12:27 28-08-99 -0400, leslie harpold wrote:
>...almost direct ripoff of the designers
>manifesto of the late 40s initiated by oh man, someone really famous...
> was recently reprinted in emigre's (free) magazine.

Worse: it is a _direct_ ripoff. Most of which is in my message: the really
famous Ken Garland wrote First Things First in the _very_ late 40s (1964
;-). It has been reprinted several times since (f.i. in Eye magazine, and
recently, in Emigre). Kalle Lasn and Chris Dixon of Adbusters magazine
initiated a renewal of the manifesto. They were endorsed by Ken Garland,
Rudy VanderLans of Emigre, Rick Poynor (my predecessor at Eye) and myself
as editor of Eye. I suggested to team up with other magazines. So now the
manifesto is renewed, signed by 33 designers and published in 7 magazines. 
With of course the reference: "In 1964, 22 visual communicators signed the
original call for our skills to be put to worthwhile use..."

So, yes, you could say it's about a 
>grasp of design history

Obviously the word 'ripoff' is an insult here: we're not doing this
because we are desperate for copy - we're doing it because we think it is
as much needed as it was in 1964. Let's discuss that... 


ps. Like I said, you can read the whole story, and the background, and the
1964 manifesto by Ken Garland at:

max bruinsma

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