Ivo Skoric on Wed, 25 Aug 1999 17:58:39 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Sesame Streets moves to Macedonia

They might be getting their funds cut at home by the Slobo-like 
congressional leaders, but they are moving their reconciliatory 
influence close to the Slobo-land...

>> Skopje, August 17, 1999
>> '"Our Neighborhood" - An Attempt to Prevent Conflicts'
>> `Nova Makedonija' - August 15th
>> (Taken from `Financial Times' - `Muppet makers try to bridge 
>> divide')
>> The creators of "Sesame Street" and "The Muppets", the 
classic US
>> children's television series, are turning their talents to Balkan
>> peace and reconstruction efforts. The award-winning Children's
>> Television Workshop, producers of  "Sesame Street" since 
1969, is part
>> of a pioneering project in Macedonia designed to tackle two of 
>> root causes of ethnic conflict in south-east Europe: segregate
>> education and partisan media.
>> This autumn, Macedonian state television will broadcast the 
first of a
>> planned 40-part children's television drama series, based 
around the
>> lives of two families - one Macedonian and one Albanian who 
live in a
>> mixed neighborhood.
>> "Nashe Maalo" (Our Neighborhood) was devised by the 
>> Television Workshop and the Macedonian branch of Search for 
>> Grounds (SCG) - a Washington DC-based non-governmental 
>> dedicated to 'conflict prevention'. Targeted at 10-year-olds, the
>> series aims to bridge the gap between Macedonian and 
Albanian children
>> who are taught in their own languages in separate classrooms. 
It will
>> focus on language and customs, giving young viewers a chance 
to learn
>> about Orthodox and Moslem traditions and to learn a basic 
>> and set of everyday phrases in Macedonian and Albanian.

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