Maurice Wessling on Mon, 16 Aug 1999 01:31:36 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Radio B2-92 news on the Web

Free B92 press release

Radio B2-92 news on the Web

BELGRADE, August 16 -- The most reliable independent news from Yugoslavia
is again available on the Web.  On August 6, Free B92 began posting daily
bulletins from the Belgrade newsroom of Radio B2-92. 

The original Radio B92 Web site was the most popular Yugoslav information
service on the Internet before the radio was hijacked by a group close to
the government in April this year.  During the first week of the bombing
campaign against Yugoslavia, more then seventeen million people visited
the site. 

Now the same team that brought you Radio B92 news on the Web is back as
Radio B2-92.  The same objective, independent news heard on Radio B2-92 in
Belgrade is again available on the web as a daily digest with headline
updates every hour. 

Watch the Free B92 site ( for information about
Radio B2-92's free daily e-mail news bulletin service which will resume in
the near future. 

Don't trust anyone, not even us: but keep the faith and FREE B92. 

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