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<<soliciting audio>>

constructing 6 week program to accompany exhibition in gallery space,
located in stirling, central scotland, uk

relationships between measurements of space and events of it's past being

seeking 'enviromental' recordings of gallery spaces worldwide....  precept
- contrast gallery enviroments in diverse locales...  e.g. spanish
galleries mucho talk and chatter, flip to u.k. ; only stupified silence


Sound quality -- As good as possible, but if all that's available is
dictaphone, then so be it.  A bad quality recording can still capture a
lot of things. 

Length--as long or as short as is apt

Format -- DAT, CD-R, Mini-Disc, Tape, Dictaphone, MP3 (pls mail b4

Why? -- Just hanging a painting in a gallery makes a specific statement
about the piece.  The gallery itself has an effect on the work shown in
it, which is self-evident when you think about it.  Your work may be
purely visual, but the gallery assaults all 5 senses -- more if you
consider the psychological.  Making a recording of the visual display
emphasises this.  It also questions what art is, and people's reaction to
it.  It's the sound of people looking at art.  Also interesting to make a
(silent) video of a sound piece being played. 

Regarding the afore-mentioned psychological side, over the course of the
exhibition we will be measuring the spectators reaction to the sounds in
various ways -- questionnaires, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), blood
tests, sweat glands and other psychophysiological measurements are all

What will we do with your recordings? -- They will not be tampered with or
"remixed" in any way, although we may only use sections of them.  When
they are played, the sound may pass through effects processing, but this
will not be controlled by any 'artist', but rather by the 'audience' of
gallery-goers.  An algorithm will control the sounds according to their
physical presence/actions/reactions. 

Any sound sources will be fully credited

What gallery should i do? -- We've told you what we envisage, now surprise
us with your vision.  Anything could be a gallery, and anything can make

more details email.... 


Joseph Sergej Velez a.k.a. His Cigar Smoke Was Unmissably Subtle aka Want
Any More Names? 


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